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Hai and Other Spirits on Spiritual Healing

Some spirit communication has particularly focussed upon spiritual healing, and the processes and energies involved. There have also been discussions regarding absent healing and prayer.

Eileen is trained in reiki as well as another form of spiritual healing. We have often wondered about the significance of the differences between the various teachings and traditions relating to spiritual healing. For example in our own country in addition to reiki there is training offered by the World Federation of Healing and also by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Much of the spirit communication relating to spiritual healing has come from Hai, and from Eileen's Guides, Red Cloud and Patience. Here we will focus on a few of Hai's responses.

In response to questions about the different teachings and traditions relating to spiritual healing, Hai made the following comment.

You are responsive to different teachings, different formats. You flower and flourish more in different contexts rather than others but the greater good is still orientated towards healing, towards serving humanity. It is not a case of one being better than another or one being right and another wrong It is rather that you discover yourselves the best way for you to learn, for you to be of service and you should walk your path without criticising the path of others.

Questions from some visitors on spiritual healing have focussed on the related issue of technique eg: whether it is important to channel healing directly to particular parts of the body.

Q: So I presume if I just ask for healing, the right healing would be sent?

Hai:(With amusement ) Why are you so pre-occupied with technique when all these hours I say to you:"Do not pre-occupy yourself with technique. You worry about right healing. What other form of healing is there? Have faith. Have trust.

Yet another theme has been aroud the role of family members in spiritual healing.

Q: When a healer gives healing to a member of the family is it as effective as if the person received healing from someone who was not a member of the family?

Hai: It can be as effective. Why should it not? People again create with their mind limitations. They think that because you are not a special person, because "you are my wife", "you are my brother" and so on they start to assume, believe, that the healing cannot be so effectively transmitted. "You are not special enough". "You are not different enough". But where is the reason for this? There is no reason.

Q: I overheard a conversation, where a person indicated, that when he gave healing to his family it didn't seem to be as effective.

Hai: It is in his mind. His limitation is in the mind and in the mind perhaps of his family also.

Q: Could they block the healing if they were not receptive to it?

Hai: They can undermine its value. They cannot block it. It is like if we say for instance if we are trying to sooth a person. We are trying to calm a person. And while we are trying to calm this person, if they are thinking of something they are very frightend of, which they have a phobia about perhaps, such as a snake, how could you calm a person if they were thinking about their worst fear, a snake? And so it is with those who seek healing. If they are occupied in their mind, devaluing the power of the healing which they are receiving, then this will undermine the warmth, the good, which is being conveyed to them. It is not that it directly destroys the energy but they can undermine it because of their minds. It is like a positve flow of electricity going in one direction, but it is being met with a negative flow coming from the other direction.

Q: The same person said that self healing didn't seem to work.

Hai: It is more difficult to talk of self healing, because our minds our not pure. Our minds are pre-occupied by something else. They cannot freely let go, to give and take in the energy. They are compromised by a thousand thoughts. It is not impossible. If we open ourselves to the healing Ocean of Love we shall receive. If we open ourselves to the Ocean of Love which Isleen talked to you about when she last came to you.

Q: Is it possible when giving healing to a member of your family to pick up their emotions and become drained by this?

Hai: You are picking up on the tension difficulties with healing within the family. What you say is true, in so far as, because we bring with us our thoughts, our emotions, our relationships, the flavour of the relationships, then this undoubtably can interfere with the process. But this is one of degree. Because you may go to your church to serve, to heal, and you may encounter someone who you do not get along with, who has a personality which clashes with your own. The problem would be similar to healing a member of your family with whom you had a difficult relationship. It is a matter of degree this problem. You obviously need to be free and giving and loving. All of these things are true. There can be an obstacle if they are not present in any situation within the family and in other situations. We must all learn to love and be free. If we cannot do this because of our limitations, because of the way things are you should, at least while we try to heal, put things to one side and open ourselves and see the essense of the person whom we are trying to help in love and compassion. We must all be free of attachment. If we are free from attachment no harm can come to us. If we are free from attachment we love freely, without thought of gain, without thought of loss, and so we are able to love freely, purely. This is what we should all strive for ,without striving for.

Aother subject which we have discussed is that of absent healing which also has links with prayer. When we sit on a Friday night we conclude by sending out healing to people

Q: When we send out the energy on a Friday night does that work?

Hai: It is as if the person where in the room with you. when you send your thoughts out. Those thoughts connect. Those loving, healing thoughts connect in ways in which you do not appreciate. With a depth you do not appreciate.

Q So if we sent out the healing in a very general way to all the people in the world who need it most?

Hai: Yes, your loving thoughts are translated into benevolent actions.

Q: And does it go to the most needy?

Hai: It goes to the needy. You do not have to worry about "the most needy", "the deserving needy", "the most deserving needy". You do not have to concern yourself with those things. All you have to do is send out your loving thoughts. The One Mind is greater than you know. You do not need to accept responsibility or try to take responsibility for apportioning need and help. For making judgements about who is most needy. You just simply need to follow your hearts and send out your loving thoughts.

Q: When a person needs healing do they receive more help if more than one person sends the healing?

Hai: As the many leaves of a tree bring the tree sustenance from the sun, so the many wishes, the many intents for healing, bring healing to the one who needs it.

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