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Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit - Public Demonstration of Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at the Naramata Centre, in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. April 2007.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Medium

In April/May 2007 we took another trip to British Columbia, Canada. Prior to the trip we had arranged to give three demonstrations of spiritual trance mediumship / channeling at Duncan on Vancouver Island and at Naramata and Penticton in the Okanagan.

After landing at Vancouver we boarded BC Ferries for the trip across to Vancouver Island and based ourselves at a B&B in Nanaimo. We had a great time there.

Nanaimo Vancouver Island B&B View

There was a breathtaking view from the back garden of the B&B across the Strait of Georgia to mainland British Columbia.

Nanaimo Bald Eagle Vancouver Island

One of the attractions at the B&B in Nanaimo was that the owner fed a nesting Bald Eagle some mornings. I managed to get a photo. Not one of my sharpest but the best I could manage at the time.

We had a lovely time meeting a group of people at Duncan and doing a trance mediumship/channeling demonstration for them.

Chemainus Vancouver Island Ship Mural

The following day we took the opportunity to tour the area and visited Ladysmith, Chemainus, Cowichan Bay and Mill Bay, the latter not far north of Victoria. While in Chemainus we viewed the many murals for which the town is famous.

Chemainus Theatre Vancouver Island

That evening we took the opportunity to go to the Chemainus Theatre and see Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Nile". The person at the booking office joked that it perhaps wasn't our best choice to decide to attend "Murder on the Nile" on Friday the 13th.

From Vancouver Island we took BC Ferries back to the BC mainland and drove through Vancouver, Chilliwack, Hope, Hedley, Princeton, Keremeos, and Penticton to our base in the Okanagan Valley at Peachland.

Naramata Centre Okanagan

On 21st April we attended a special event entitled "HISTORIC MEDIUMSHIP LECTURE AND DEMONSTRATION" at the Naramata Centre arranged by Loro Tylor as part of the NARAMATA CENTENNIAL PROJECT.

Loro Tylor

Loro gave an informative and enjoyable lecture covering a short history of mediumship, the birth of the spiritualist movement and local resident John Moore Robinson's involvement and adventures with Spiritualism in the early days of Naramata. He founded the town in 1907. Loro dressed in the typical clothing of the day.

Naramata Sceance Okanagan

Loro explained how mediums worked in J.M. Robinson's day and went on to demonstrate with the aid of some volunteers what a typical seance would have looked like back in those times. She then explained how mediums and clairvoyants work in current times.

We then contributed by giving a demonstration of trance mediumship/channeling:

Content of Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at Naramata Centre

Paul's main Spirit Guide, Hai, came through first to answer questions and join in discussion with members of the audience. After this a spirit called Henry came through with much humour. He said that he lived in Gloucestershire in the 18th century. Harriet, a spirit who comed through to communicate periodically talked about her life in the late 18th to early 19th centuries. Davia, the Spirit Group's Gatekeeper then came through with his usual fun and humour to bring the spirit communications to a close.

We have transcribed below most of the content of the spirit communication from Hai and some of the spirit communications of Henry, Harriet and Davia.

An audio recording of Hai's communication as well as the full communications of Henry, Harriet and Davia are also available free of charge as MP3 files. They are accessible from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Naramata, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. April 2007

Hai started by talking about his life in China as a Buddhist abbot around 800 AD.

Q: Was it a difficult life?

Hai: Yes it was without your modern conveniences. We had food, but not too much food. We lived long days in fields working with crops. We spent much time in meditation. It was a life of great discipline, great discipline. This my friends is what you need. You asked before about ways to develop mediumship. Most important thing is discipline, perseverance, patience, regular practise; this is most important.

But people in your time are otherwise occupied by things around them. You in your time are suffering many distractions which makes it difficult to develop mediumship. Therefore if you wish to develop mediumship you must try to bring in this element of disciplined practise. Then you will find my friends that you will tuly develop because it is as you were told, latent in all of you to some degree or other. Therefore all you have to do is pick up the thread and follow it. But this is not easy.

Q: Do you work through other people besides Paul?

Hai: Hai: No. This is hard work enough he says (referring to Davia). Why go looking for more work?

Q: When did you start working with Paul?

Hai: We started working with him 7/8 years ago. But I know him from previous time. He was monk in my monastery long time ago. Therefore we have what you might call a connection already established; a thread which is linking us, which has made it easier for us to work together.

Q: Is that true of mediums who have guides that they often have a prior connection?

Hai: No not always. It is often the case, but not always the case. Therefore it is an individual thing. Sometimes guides work with a medium whom they have no previous connection with. But sometimes it is as in this case that we have connection with him.

Q: May I ask about my past lives?

Hai: Yes. You can ask.(Laughter).

Q: I would like to know of any past lives that are influencing me today.

After responding to the person's question, Hai continued:

Hai: We have my friends all of us lived through many incarnations upon this earth plane. We have lived in many countries; been the nationals of many different countries. But all of this richness of experience is good for us. It helps us to develop in different ways. Therefore you find yourself drawn to certain conditions in each incarnation to balance, to help you to develop in certain ways in your present incarnation.

Someone asked a question related to the ongoing growth of the Metaphysical Society.

Hai: As you grow you will attract more people. You must embrace these people my friend. These groups you form on the earth plane are difficult, yes? You have many people of like mind, many people of loving heart. But you have many people of different stages of development. And I speak of development not only in terms of such things as mediumship but also people's development in expression of their ability to love and to have compassion. Yet these people also my friend you should embrace. For you should think also of your past lives again. For in your past lives you too may have been people who were limited in your ability to love and demonstrate compassion. Therefore there are those who are limited in their ability to love and show compassion and you must be extra compassionate, tolerant and patient. For if you wish your organisation to grow you must be embracing.

We have spirit who spoke though this one who was called Honoria. She spoke of the "Embracingness". We often speak of the One Mind, the Suchness that embraces all. She spoke of the Embracingness which embraces all. And so my friends we would urge you to embrace all in this Embracingness no matter what their weaknesses are, no matter what stage of development they are at. And you must find some way to accommodate all; that your organisation may grow and flourish and grow strong.

Q: I was watching a show called "The Secret". It's about the power of your thoughts and believing that you have everything within you for things to come about. I've gone through very traumatic times lately and I've beeen wondering if I keep believing and keep believing of a good outcome will it come?

Hai: You must keep positive. It is important for you to be positive regardless of what. Davia told story some while ago of friend of his when he lived on earth plane. They both set off on separate journeys. One person set off down valley where sun did never shine for it was such a deep valley. The path took him down into darkness beside a swamp which stank. The water was so stagnant down there. He felt without life down there in that valley and he spent the whole day down there walking around.

When he'd finished his walk he came back up the path and he met Davia on the high road again and he asked Davia:
"What kind of day have you had Davia? What kind of walk was your walk?"
Davia said he walked along the high ridge of the mountains in the sweet sunshine, in the blue clear sky and he sang to the eagles as they soard on high. And everywhere he looked he could see green forests, beautiful flowers, the sweet fresh air blowing around him.

His friend said to Davia: "Davia, I have had a terrible time. I walked down to the deep dark valley. I walked beside a stagnant water. It stank so much Davia. I felt my soul oppressed, I felt the life crushed from me."
Davia said to him: "My friend, no longer walk down that path to the valley. Next time walk with me on the high mountain ridge."

You follow the meaning to Davia's story?

Q: Yes.

Hai: Keep your thoughts positive my friend; you will be rewarded. Keep your faith and your hope my friend; you will be rewarded. The very positive intent and thoughts which you bring into your life will take you in the direction which you seek; which you need.

Q: Can I ask a question about reincarnation? The choices which we make before we reincarnate; how do we go about them before we reincarnate?

Hai: Some do not go about them my friend. But you would. Some, you see, are so attracted to the earth plane that they are looking for new body as soon as they have left last one. The interval between one incarnation and the next is sometimes very small. Most people live some time in the Spirit Plane before they would reincarnate. And when I say some time we would be talking of many hiundreds or thousands of years of your time. Some would come back in a score of years or four score of years.

There is no written law, rule in stone. Each is according to need of the person. And most times people who come back to reincarnate would have had counsel of spirit guides; would have thought through themselves what they would need from next reincarnation. But you have a saying in your time, "best laid plans". Yes? And we may change this to "best laid intentions". Yes? For what is intended does not always come about. Because when you are here it may be different "ball game" to what you thought when you on spirit side. But this does not matter. This is all part of development, part of evolution, of emergence. Therefore it does not matter in long scheme of things.

Q: Do we choose the parents we come through?

Hai: Yes more often than not. Sometimes though it is more important to choose situation as much as it is to choose parents. For situation creates experiences, experiences create learning opportunity. This is what we are here for on earth plane: learning opportunities, to see how we respond to them; to see how we grow through them or not. But we are all on the upward path up the mountainside. We are all walking the path. We are all growing.

He (Davia) say to me: "Time for Old Hai to move on". I have to follow his orders so "Old Hai" move on. Nice to have talked to you my friends, my beautiful friends. We speak perhaps again some time. Goodbye my beautiful friends.

Henry then came through with much humour. He said that he lived in Gloucestershire in 18th century. He was a carpenter before his cousin left him money and land. He described his life as being comfortable and luxorious before he squandered his wealth on gambling on horses, etc. He explained that he was not used to a life of luxury and so had no concept of money, never thinking the "pot will run dry". He said that he had learnt the importance of the purposeful and responsible wise management of wealth. Henry also answered questions on reincarnation which we have trascribed below.

Q: When we reincarnate do we all end up in the same place or are there different places?

Henry: There are many different levels my friend; many diferent realms of spirit; many different places or spheres, call them what you will. Many people live, or live for a time in a certain realm. But there are many different realms and these realms we may progress through my friend. We evolve and we grow in a continuing way while we are in spirit just as we are evolving when we are upon the earth plane.

Sometimes we need to reincarnate upon the earth plane to give ourselves special experiences once more, special opportunities to develop once more. Because we can learn things on this plane of yours where you now reside which would be most difficult to learn in the realms of spirit. I know at times you will feel the discomfort of living on the earth plane because the earth plane brings its own discomforts does it not? Its own illnesses, its own frustrations and so on. But nevertheless my friends there are golden opportunities within this earth plane, to grow, to develop in ways that would take you much longer or nigh be impossible in the spirit realms. So use these opportunities my friends to your advantage, wisely.

Harriet said that she lived during the late 18th to early 19th centuries. She spoke about her marriage of convenience and her life of intrigue at the Royal Court. She explained how she and her ladies used to gather information at Balls and Banquets on the nobility and other prominent people of the day. The information was used to advance her own power and influence. She discussed karma and how it applied in her own case. She explained that she had learnt from her own misuse of information and power and that her skills had been transmuted to be now used for good. Someone asked Harriet a question about karma. We have transcribed her response below.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about karma as you understand it?

Harriet: Harriet: When I came over, when I passed over to the Spirit World I was met by a couple of gentlemen. Gentlemen mark you ladies, the indignity of them sending gentlemen. I was met by a couple of gentlemen who asked me searching questions about: "What did I feel was the consequence of such and such I had said to poor Harry, poor Sir Gerald?" And you can tell in that phrase "What did I feel?" the consequence was that it is not a question that is readilly answered. It would cause you to think even if it's against your basic instinct to think on such a thing. It caused me to think and I had to think long and hard about my occupation upon the earth plane and was led to the conclusion after much reflection that my occupation, my manner of living had caused some upset and disquiet, if not harm, to my fellow brothers and sisters.

Therefore you see the karma of all this was that it came back to me. I had to see it through. I had to experience the consequences of my manipulations and machinations. I had to see the effects upon the people who were my victims. I had to experience the feelings that they had experienced as a result of my machinations. And it was painful at times. Of course to me it was just a game, but in hindsight I realised it could not be a game. For it was people's lives and hearts and feelings that I was affecting.

But,I would say to you this because it is at the heart of karma. And I will present you with a riddle first. Because now I am in the realm of spirit, and a pleasant realm it is, I still use my earthbound skills, but they have been transmuted for good. Can you follow this all of you? Because the principle of it was that although my occupation, my machinations, were of a negative order while on the earth plane, yet there was the germ, the seed of skills within them and the germ and seed of those skills has survived and been transmuted for good; transformed if you will. Transmuted that they may be used for greater good in the realm of spirit. And so, now my friends I am still involved in communication, in diplomacy, in positive gathering of information, but it is all for good now, all for the greater good. And so my skills, while used negatively upon the earth plane, have now been transmuted.

And so you see there is hope for all of us my friends. And even in the seeds of debasement there is every hope of a positive transmutation for the future. But we must work out our seeds of karma. We must work them out. And even when we are realising that we have done harm and repented of it yet we must try to do what we can to make amends if you follow me? So this is all part of karma.

Davia then came through with his great sense of fun. He spoke about his life in Papua New Guinea and life in the Spirit World. Someone asked him a question about Spirit Guides. We have transcribed his response below.

Q: You know the way everybody has a spirit guide?

Davia: Yes everyone has a spirit guide or guides.

Q: And some people see their guide in their dreams or some other way. Does everyone have their own way of relating to their guide. Is it an individual thing? And how do you access knowledge from your guide?

Davia: You often become aware of guide in different ways my friend. This is an individual thing, like you were saying, although principles are the same. But sometimes people sense their guide, sometimes people see their guide clairvoyantly. Sometimes people hear their guide. Sometimes people are just aware of something, a message, a feeling, which conveys to them something which the guide wishes to convey.

So my friend what you must do is you must try to be aware of your guide in a way that he tries or she tries to connect with you. If you watch out for it you start to be sensitive to it. It's like what Loro said earlier on this evening. If you practice hard enough you find the way of connecting with your guide. You find best way for you. Some of you are best to work through clairvoyance. Some of you best work through clairaudience. Some of you best work through clairsentience. Some of you just work in a more indistinct way. But you find your own way my friend. Sometimes you find that you feel your guide approach from a certain direction and you get to know them. So you just experiment my friend. You find that your guide try to work with you. You meet them half way. They try to work with you and you become more aware of them.

You all have faith my friends. You all have hope. That is half the battle my friends. For you have belief in us and you have faith in us. That makes it much easier my friends for us to connect with you. There are so many sceptics in your world of today but you have faith and this makes it so much easier.

An audio recording of Hai's communication as well as the full communications of Henry, Harriet and Davia are also available free of charge as MP3 files. They are accessible from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Naramata, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. April 2007

Following the trance demonstration Loro gave a demonstration of platform mediumship.

Penticton Music Centre Okanagan

A bit later in the trip we gave another trance mediumship/channeling demonstration at the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society in Penticton which, at the time was holding its meetings at the Music Club, 441 Main St, Penticton.

Penticton Trance Mediumship Demonstration Okanagan

I was provided with a very grand chair to sit in, by far the grandest I have ever sat in. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens the technology let us down on this occasion; the recording that we tried to make didn't take.

Davis Cove Peachland Okanagan

The rest of the trip we spent some time just relaxing around our base at Davis Cove, Peachland. We were blessed with beautiful weather much of the time.

Peachland Beach Okanagan Lake

This gave us ample opportunities to enjoy the Peachland Beach just outside our chalet.

Summerland Main Street Okanagan

One day we headed south stopping at earth's version of Summerland. Here is a photo of Main Street.

Vaseux Lake near Oliver Okanagan

We moved on to beautiful Vaseux Lake near Oliver.

Oliver View Okanagan Then onto Oliver itself. Here is a view from the mountains looking over towards the town which is in the distance.

Oliver Okanagan  River We had a short walk beside the Okanagan River near Oliver.

Kelowna Mission Creek Greenway and Okanagan River

One day we drove the short distance to Kelowna. 15 minutes or so the other side of the city we found the Mission Creek Greenway where we took another walk beside a river. Being so used to towns in the UK it was refreshing to be in such natural scenery such a short distance from a city.

 Bear Creek Kelowna Okanagan Horse Riding

Towards the end of the holiday I went horse riding with our daughter Emma at the Mandy and Me Horse Ranch near Bear Creek, Kelowna. In the distance you can see Kelowna's Floating Bridge and the City on the far shore

A couple of days later it was time to leave the Okanagan and travel to Vancouver for our flight home.

We will be visiting British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, at fairly frequent intervals for the foreseeable future, so we would be interested to hear from any groups who may be interested in hosting a demonstration of trance mediumship / channeling while we are travelling in Canada.

We are also seeking contact with individuals living in the Okanagan who are interested in our activities. Please click here for further details.

Please click here to send us a message using a Contact Form.