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Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit - Public Demonstration of Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at Penticton, in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. October 2006.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Medium

In October 2006 we took another trip to Canada through Alberta into British Columbia. This time we started from Calgary and travelled through the Rocky Mountains to Peachland near Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley. The Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society in Penticton had asked us to do another demonstration of trance mediumship at the Smith and Company Coffee House, Winnipeg Street, Penticton where the Centre holds its meetings. We were very happy to meet again friends we had first met in Spring 2006 and to have the opportunity to form new friendships.

Winter Wonderland in the Rockies The journey through the Rockies was like a Winter Wonderland. The trees just had a dusting of snow on them. There was a little rain so the roads were wet but the driving was easy. It was to be very different on the return journey.

Fall Colours in Revelstoke, British Columbia After an overnight stop at Golden we continued onto Revelstoke stoping again overnight at Sorrento before making our way to Vernon and into the Okanagan. The autumn colours of the trees were spectacular. This picture was taken in Revelstoke.

Content of Spirit Communication

The meeting started with everyone joining in the song "Love Shine a Light". This was quite a surprise to us and made us feel even more at home as it is a song that we sing regularly at our Friday night sessions. After Loro made some announcements Paul's main Spirit Guide, Hai, came through to answer questions and join in discussion with members of the audience. After this a spirit called James came through to communicate with members of the audience. James said that he had lived in Virginia in the USA in his previous incarnation. We have transcribed below the content of the spirit communication from Hai.

An audio recording of this transcript as well as the communications of James and Davia which followed is also now available. It is accessible from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Penticton, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. October 2006

Hai: You have been living in this place called Canada for many years some of you. Do you like this beautiful place? Good we are glad to hear it. He (Davia) says it is not as good as the jungle, but nevertheless it is beautiful. Have you anything you would ask of me?

Q: What is your name?

Hai: My name is Hai. It was not pronounced the same as when I was last on your plane but it is good for now, yes. (Pronounced Hay). I lived on your earth plane many hundreds of your years ago, around 800 AD. I lived in China in my last incarnation, in Buddhist monastery in Southern China.

One member of the group asked if her mum, who is in the spirit world, is helping her with her life now. Hai replied:

Hai: Your mum is with you. We wish her peace but she is with you, she is happy to see you again, she supports you in your life.

You must know my friends that all your loved ones are always with you. We know it is difficult for you for you are separated from them by the dimension, by the veil. But yet you must know that they are always with you, that their connection is always there. You have only to think of them with love, with affection and they draw close to you. It is like your mobile phones, (cell phones). Well you have cell phones to your loved ones in the spirit land. You do not need a number, all you have to do is reach out to them with love and affection and they answer your call. You may not always be aware of them but I assure you they answer your call, they are with you. That is why you must look upon them with love and affection my friends.

We know sometimes that you become morose, sad because of the parting, but we ask you to try not to be daunted by this, to try not to be lowered in your spirits because of this. We ask you to reach out to them with love and affection because that is what they wish to hear from you. And when you reach out to them with love and calm affection they are better able to communicate with you. Please do this my friends, not with sadness, not with despair or lack of hope, but with great hope, great love and affection.

Your mum is with you my friend.

Another person asked how to help her mother as she approaches death to accept it more. Hai responded:

Hai: By you trying to be calm this will help her because your calmness will rub off on her. If you can approach this with calmness, peacfulnees this will help her my friend to also approach it with greater calm. It is not easy we know when people approach death but as they approach death you may find that a geater peace starts to come. For in a sense their soul starts to stand in two worlds; one foot in this, one foot in the next world. And as they draw near to their close other spirits from our plane try to reach out to them to help them; they gather around them. Some of these spirits may be spirits whom they know, relatives or friends who have gone on before, but there are other spirits and guides who come to them in these hours as their death approaches, as the passing comes. Other spirits and guides approach and draw near to help them. Therefore, you must know there is much support around your mother as the time approaches. You are able to speak to her about this thing called death?

Q: Yes.

Hai: Is she able to accept what you say?

Q: No.

Hai: This is the difficulty, this is the difficulty. What does she believe about this thing called death?

Q: I think she feels she should live to one hundred and eight like the lady next door.

Hai: There is a better life to come, my friend. it is difficult if she does not see it, if she is not responsive to your thoughts and reassurances, but a better life will come. She has all of eternity to grow and develop as she would wish. She has a sunny time ahead.

Q: I have a belief in a Universal Spirit that knows everything that's ever happened, knows everything that's going on right now and knows everything that will happen. What is your opinion of that?

Hai: We speak also of this One Mind, yes, we can relate to this my friend, the One Mind. We belive the One Mind is responsible for all that you see in the four corners of the world, in the four directions of the universe. This One Mind has been for all time from the very beginningless time and it will endure to the far reaching time without end. It is the ground from which we all spring; from which we all spring. It is indeed our essence, our very being. Therefore, we are not separate from this One Mind, this One Consciousness; we are all part of this One Consciousness. This is why we are brothers and sisters truly within the One Mind, for we partake of Its Nature; we partake of Its very Essence. We are like waves on the mighty sea. You know the great might ocean, yes? And when you look at the great mighty ocean there are crests on all the waves, yes? We are like the crests of those waves. And yet the waves are not separate from the mighty ocean. Is this not so? And we are also like the mighty waves and the ocean; we are waves within the One Consciousness, within the One Mind; it is our essence, our being.

Therefore we would say to you my friend in answer to your question; there is a knowing within this Consciousness, within this Mind. Truly nothing is lost in the distant past; all is and within this very moment are the seeds of all future time. There is a Oneness between the past and the future and yet the future must unfold also, must express and make manifest the One Mind. But what we would say to you about the future is that it is not written in stone. For you shape the future; you may manifest the future by your own choices and by your decisions, by your free will, your free choice. You shape the future. You in many ways are the agents of the One Mind. You make manifest what will come in future time. Does this answer your question my friend?

Q: Yes thank you.

Another person commented:

Q: I believe that there is a great iron presence and that this presence lives in all life. What do you say to that?

Hai: This Presence of which we spoke, yes, lives in all life, It is the very essence within all life. And at a fundamental level you and the person who sits next to you are not two, not two. And this in many ways is the most fundamental truth; not two. You follow me? Whatever you care to look at in your mighty world all you can say is: "not two". For if I say everything is one sometimes it builds up images and concepts in your minds, but if I say "not two" it expresses the Oneness, but your mind knows not where to go with it, yes? But it is a more fundamental expression of the Oneness of things to say this: "Not Two".

For in truth all religions my friend are provisional, are tentative, serve a purpose, but they are not of the Essence, they are not of the vital Essence, the vital Reality, the Truth. They only manifest to a degree the Truth, because all your religions of the world and this I include my own religion of my own choosing when last on your plane, Buddhism, yes, I include this also. But all religions deal in concepts do they not, in dogmas and doctrines and codes of morality and these things are all well and good to a point, yes, but ultimately they cannot express the One Reality, the Not Two. Therefore we find this quite sad, we find this quite troubling that the religions of your world make war upon each other, argue and make conflict with each other when all they are doing is fighting over heresy. Do you follow me in this my friends? This I do not say to put down or diminish any religion. This is important for me to make sure you understand this. For all religions are to be respected, but I say this only because of what I've already said that there is no way that any one of you can express the fundamental Truth and Reality with your words, with your concepts, with your doctrines, with your dogmas. And therefore, in the final analysis, all these words and concepts and dogmas are heresy. Can you follow me in this my friends? And therefore those who are fighting over them are fighting in different shades of heresy. Is it not a sadness? When they should realise fundamentally that they are at one with their brother, their sister, in the Oneness of Mind, the Oneness of Consciousness, the Sea of Consciousness.

It is like they would hack off their own arms. It is like they would hack off their own limbs in the way that they fight with their brother and sister, not realising that they are fighting against themselves, are throwing away themselves. Is this not a great travesty, a great sadness? It torments us my friends. You must know that we are not all on this plane singing, playing harps and enjoying great tranquillity all of the time. We are troubled by what transpires on your plane, by the evils that we see and the suffering that we know exists. Therefore your suffering troubles us, worries us and we do what we can to help. But that is all we can do, all we can do is help, for the revolution, the transformation must come from within each and every soul. Is this not so? No one can save you, no one can transform you but your self. There are many who can help, many who can support and guide, but you yourselves must make the revolution within you, you yourselves must transmute yourselves to your highest potential.

And we are all on the road together, all on the upward climb of the mountain, some of us have travelled a little further along the mountain path and we can see a little further to the horizon; but that is all. For you all will stand on the mountain path where I stand now and some of you may even climb higher ahead.

Q: When we make our transition to the spirit plane, do we have a choice in what we do as a soul?

Hai: Yes. You have lots of choices, Laurel. You have lots of choices my friend. (Smiles). You must be careful about expressing too much interest in an occupation in the Spirit Land for there is one here, Davia, who is an active agent in this process, of finding employment for people in the spirit plane when they leave the earth plane. You must be careful of showing too much interest for he has so many occupations, vacant places on his books. (Laughter)

Q: Can new souls come into being at any time?

Hai: Yes but we must be careful here my friend for we get trapped in your concepts again if we go down this road too much. Yet I will try to explain, but it is difficult to explain with your words. You know the blacksmith, yes? The blacksmith works with iron does he not and he strikes the metal with his hammer and when he strikes and works the metal with his hammer the sparks fly off do they not? We are like the sparks my friend as the One Mind works with the hammer; we are like sparks, contained within the metal and yet the sparks come from whence we know not, but they manifest themselves. And it is like us. We also are within the One Mind from begningless time, yet when we are made manifest it is like the sparks that fly off from the blacksmith's work; we manifest as sparks. Some of those sparks may have sparked, come about into being sometimes long ago, some sparks may be new but yet they are all from the beginingless time, within the One Mind; they manifest the One Mind; they are of the One Mind, they fulfil the purposes of the One Mind.

Q: Can you speak of transcarnation? For example can the soul come back into an animal?

Hai: This is rare, this is rare. Evolution is forward, is growth, is development. It is rare for a soul to come back in animal form though it can happen. But the normal process is for souls to evolve, to grow, to develop and an animal's soul may grow and develop into human form but it is rare for this to be a retrograde process, for the human spirit to enter animal form. But you should be loving towards your animal brothers and sisters, yes, for they are also of the One Mind, they also are of the One Being. Their consciousness is not the same as your consciousness, but they are kindred spirits, there is an Oneness fundamentally between us all.

A personal question followed about physical sensations when contacting spirit. Hai asked whether the person was aware of the spirit energies then replied:

Hai: Sometimes when you first work with them (guides) then sometimes you are aware of the energy and this energy blends with your own energy, but there is a mis-match or a needing for the energies to find a way to effectively blend. While this process goes on there can be a feeling of nausea or feeling out of sorts. This should not last long. It is not intentional you understand. It is not our desire that you should experience this.

Q: Is it something to do with my vibration?

Hai: You must not take too much responsibility for this for you reach out to us and we reach to you; a mutual effort, a mutual coming together. And we must adapt our energies as you must adapt your energies. And it is in this process of adaptation that it may take some time for things to work effectively, smoothly. When we first worked with Paul (the medium) his body would shudder when we first blended our energies with him. Then we grew to know each other, became good familiar friends, then the energies blend easily and smoothly; no more shuddering. This I think is something like you experience?

Q: Yes.

Hai: And so it will pass. But if you have difficulty with it you should ask your spirit friends to withdraw for a time to allow yourself space. Because you must know my friends, you are the sovereigns of your own body and soul. You are the sovereigns, no one else. You must allow no one else to take sovereignty from you. You must follow this; this if very important. You are in charge, you have your full rights, you have your right to self determination; this for us is sacrosanct. (Smiles). We must obey your orders.

If you want to have good things in life and you want to follow love and light, what's the best way to achieve what you want from your life? Do you follow your heart, or do lots of praying etc? We feel that most of you know in your own hearts what your desire is, what your purpose is. Many people ask me: "What is my life purpose, Hai?" yes? But we argue that you in your inner souls know what your life purpose is. You may not always be able to easily express it in your words or find the right words within you to express it, but we feel that most people are drawn to their life purpose. They feel an intuition, an inner drive, an urge to fulfil it.

Therefore we say to you my friend that we urge you to be calm and composed in your walk through this life, this brief journey of time which you enjoy in this lovely country you call Canada. We urge you to be composed and calm; this is the best way to be. People become too worried, too attached to things that they feel should be, things that they desire. This is a difficult time for you all to live in for we are aware of especially young people who watch your TV and all these other things you have and they become intoxicated with things they need. (Laughs). Yes, you agree? They do not need most of them do they? But they think they need them and their minds become agitated and they become restless for they 'need' these things do they not. I know this is not the case for you, but I speak of the age in which you live. It is a difficult age in which to live in because it does generate in you, in your young people especially, this need to have these things else they feel their life is incomplete. We ask you to try to help these young people to grow in spiritual ways, to sit more firmly in life, more securely in life.

Because is it not so my friends that if we are secure within our inner world, within our inner soul then we are unshakable, we are strong, we can endure, we can accomplish what we need to do on this earth plane. But if we make ourselves dependant upon external things we weaken ourselves, we trouble ourselves to no avail. Therefore my friend for your own particular case I would say to you to just be calm and composed, to watch and if you wish for guidance you will find that guidance will arrive. But we feel that if you can maintain a calm and composed heart you will find that you have your own inner guidance in you which will infallibly guide you on your life's journey, to guide you down the paths you need to tread a fulfilling life.

Q: When a soul reincarnates are there any other places on earth where they have to go to?

Hai: This, my friend can be various. I may surprise you all but I would say that there are some souls that pass but a fleeting moment in our plane of spirit for they are so drawn to the earth plane, they savour its appetites and its familiarity to a point that they are soon back here again. Most people say they want to spend some time in the Spirit Land; (Smiles); they think it is a better deal, yes? Well you must judge that yourselves, but it is a pleasant life that we have within the Spirit Worlds which are many. So to answer your question my friend, there are some souls who find themselves back in the physical plane much more quickly than others. There are others who spend eternities it would seem within the Spirit Lands before they reincarnate down again to your world. And when it comes to that time there is choice; they are counselled, there are guides who speak to them. They may come back in a particular place, a particular time, a particular family, a particular culture, yes. So in many cases there is choice. They may choose that experience of life which they think they need for growth and development, for their spirits to evolve further.

Q: What would you say to us about global warming?

Hai: We would say to you my friend that you should view the good earth on which you live as also being of the One Mind, the One Consciousness, the One Being. You should view it as if it were a brother, a sister with its own being, its own consciousness. And therefore you should do unto your brother and sister as you would them do unto you. This is simple plain speaking, yes, but it conveys to you I think what you must all do. Therefore you must try to live your lives, you must live with your inventions, your technology in ways that enhance the planet, that does not spoil it for future generations. We do however not wish you to think of going back to your caves. (Smiles). This is no solution. You were put upon this planet to manage this planet, to grow with it, to grow through your experiences upon it and therefore your technology is inevitably part of your growth. But you must try to use your technology wisely. There are ways of using technology and there are other ways of using technology. Is this not so? There are ways which do not harm the planet and ways which do harm the planet. Therefore, you must try to find ways of evolving your technology in ways that do not harm your planet but preserve it for the future generations which are to come after you.

And remember my good friend's point who asked the last question about rebirth. If you do not look after your planet you will be back here, (smiles), to enjoy the fruits later.

Hai then said goodbye and a spirit called James came through to speak. James said he lived in Virginia in his last incarnation. He engaged in light-hearted conversation with the audience. Davia then came through to draw the proceedings to a close.An mp3 recording of the above transcript and James' and Davia's discussions is available from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Penticton, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. October 2006

Paul & Eileen, Skaha Lake at Okanagan Falls In the days following the trance demonstration we took some trips to surrounding areas. Here we are at Skaha Lake near Okanagan Falls.

Vineyards near Oliver, Okanagan The Okanagan is renowned for its wine growing. These vineyards were near the small town of Oliver.

Osoyoos and Lake, Okanagan This view was taken from above Osoyoos Lake and the town of Osoyoos at the southern end of the Okanagan. It is a desert area. Osoyoos Lake is the warmest fresh water lake in Canada.

Naramata Labyrinth, Okanagan Located The Naramata Labyrinth is a large walking meditation circle built of grass and stone pathways.

Early Snow in Peachland, Okanagan

The weather took a sudden change and we found ourselves waking up to snow outside our B&B in Peachland which had come earlier in the year than usual.

Journey to Revelstoke and Golden, British Columbia The journey back acoss the Rockies was consequently a very different proposition. It took twice as long to get to Revelstoke and Golden due to compacted snow and slush which slowed us down to 15 kms per hour in places. The highlights of the journey were to see some Bighorn Sheep and then later a wolf by the roadside. Eileen thought he was hoping he might get lucky if somone got stuck in the snow and had to get out of their car. Once on the other side of the Rockies the snow ended and it was a clear road to Canmore and Calgary.

We will be visiting British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, at fairly frequent intervals for the foreseeable future, so we would be interested to hear from any groups who may be interested in hosting a demonstration of trance mediumship / channeling while we are travelling in Canada.

We are also seeking contact with individuals living in the Okanagan who are interested in our activities. Please click here for further details.

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