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Public Demonstration of Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at the Church of the Living Spirit, Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona, 8th September 2009, and trip through California, Arizona and Nevada, taking in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas - Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Medium

In September 2009 we made a trip to the Western USA travelling through California, Arizona and Nevada visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Prior to the trip we had arranged to give two demonstrations of spiritual trance mediumship / channeling, one for a couple of friends in Berkeley near San Francisco and another at the Church of the Living Spirit, Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona. We give a transcript of the demonstration in Arizona below.

san francisco cable car near Fisherman's Wharf

We flew into San Francisco on our connecting flight from Philadelphia. We stayed in San Francisco for a few days visiting all the usual tourist sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, Sausalito, Alcatraz. We took a ride on the Powell-Mason cable car to Fisherman's Wharf

Cable Car near Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

scene on the road from Monterey to Santa Maria, California

Leaving San Francisco we travelled by San Jose, and Monterey, taking the picturesque coastal road, the Cambrillo Highway, passing through Big Sur, San Simeon, Cambria and Morro Bay stopping for the night near Santa Maria.

Scene on the Cambrillo Highway from Monterey to Santa Maria, California.

Santa Barbara Old Mission, California

The next day we drove to Santa Barbara spending some time at the interesting Santa Barbara Old Mission. We moved on to Ventura for lunch. We then travelled down the coast to Malibu and Santa Monica and spent a little time on Venice Beach before finding our hotel in Hollywood.

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California.

Walk of Fame, Hollywood, California

We had an enjoyable few days in Los Angeles seeing the sights, taking the tour around Hollywood and Beverley Hills to see the Stars' homes, and spending a day at Universal Studios.

Hollywood Walk of Fame..

Superman and Batma,Hollywood, California

And where else would you find Superman and Batman in conference over how to deal with the latest crime wave.

Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, Arizona

Then the serious driving seemed to start as we headed out east from California towards Arizona, making brief stops at the "Indian Canyons", near Palm Springs and then later at Palm Desert before ending the day at Blythe, some 200 miles from the coast, where we noticed a motel with a humorous name: "Ocean View" (perhaps it really was possible on a clear day).

Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, Arizona

The next day we travelled alongside the Sonoran Desert to Phoenix where we had arranged to do the demonstration of trance mediumship/channeling at the Church of the Living Spirit, in Glendale.

Content of Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at the Church of the Living Spirit, Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix Arizona Trance Mediumship Channeling Demonstration

Paul gave a brief overview of what to expect from the demonstration. After entering trance Paul's main Spirit Guide, Hai, came through first to answer questions and join in discussion with members of the audience. Other spirit communicators then followed: WB, Joseph and Harriet. Davia, the Spirit Group's Gatekeeper came through towards the end with his usual fun and humour to first answer questions and then to bring the spirit communications to a close.

We have transcribed below the content of the spirit communication from Hai.

An audio recording of Hai's communication as well as the full communications of the WB, Joseph, Harriet, and Davia are also available free of charge as MP3 files. They are accessible from this page:

Recordings of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at the Church of the Living Spirit, Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona. September 2009

or from lower down on this present page.

We encourage you to listen to the recordings in order to get the full benefit from the demonstration and to also experience the humour.

Hai: You are well? You are well my beautiful people?

All: Yes we are well.

Hai: Good for you have beautiful, hot sun to energise you. Or not as the cae may be. I was not so fortunate when I lived in China. I was living sometimes in cold but that can be invigorating yes? Have to keep moving about yes.

All: Yes.

Hai: Well my friends what would you like to speak of this night?

Q: How was your travel? I mean you go from place to place and you experience a lot of different energies.

Hai: When we work with people you mean? When we travel from our place of abode which is now spirit lands?

Q: Yes.

Hai: We can travel by foot. We can simply think where we want to be and we are there. It is instantaneous.

Q: That would be nice.

Hai: We do not have to use your wheels. We can become where we wish to be very quickly, esaily, for thought is a great power. You too my friends know that thought is a great power.

Q: Yes.

Hai: For you will not achieve anything if you do not use your thought and the more your thought is single directed the more powerful it is and the more you can accomplish. But if your thought is scattered you then know that you are not so easily to achieve things. This is true is it not my friends? You have discovered this yourselves?

Q: Yes.

Hai: Therefore power of thought is an important tool, whether it be upon your plane or upon the spirit lands, it is an important, powerful thing and it achieves much by its direction, its skilfull direction. Alas though there are many who do not skilfully direct their thoughts and their thoughts are truly scattered and by scattering their thoughts they lose direction for themselves and lose their energies. Therefore my friends you are wise to direct the power of thought.

Q: Can you tell me about where babies go when they make an early transition?

Hai: When they make an early transition there are options depending upon the need of the child, depending on the need of the young baby. Sometimes they will grow in spirit. Then it will be as if they are growing in spirit cared for by loving ones who educate them, bring them up, nurture them. But this is a symbolic thing for it cannot be exactly as you would imagine upon your earth plane, for they do not have physical bodies. But still they need nurturing as spirits, as young spirits to grow and become accustomed to their environment within the spirit lands. Yet I tell you also that sometimes a soul may inhabit the body of a baby to give the experience to the world of its short life and when their life is terminateed, when it comes to its end they then may move on to another physical body to become reborn to the earth plane again. Therefore things are not fixed in lead, they are not fixed. There are many different options, many different avenues depending upon need, depending upon purpose. Therefore we cannot give you a rule book by which you can say that if this happens then that will happen, for this is not the way it is. Have you observed the plants, the trees my friend upon your earthly plane?

Q: Yes.

Hai: And you have observed the trees, the graceful trees that grow towrds the sun?

Q: Yes.

Hai: But you have observed also how each tree grows according to its own need, according to its own environment and situation. This is true is it not?

Q: It is.

Hai: So you can say that all trees grow toward the sun, but you cannot predict with certainty exactly the form of the tree, the final form it will take. For it will be affected by many things. So it is my friends that our journeys are affected by many things also. They are not fixed. They are not tramelled in tramlines. They move freely about the world, about the universe. And things can change even though we take turns off to the left and the right. Yet in time we will find our path being guided back again if we but are open to influence, positive influence.

Janet: How easy is it in spirit to acknowledge and connect with our loved ones that maybe even fifty years prior passed on?

Hai: It is easy Janet to connect, but what is hard for you sometimes is to know your connection, to feel your connection. In truth my friends you cannot be separated from your loved ones. You are connected with your loved ones. The bond of love is strong and true. The bond of love is strong and true and is lasting through all eternity. Therefore you have only to send a thought to your loved one and you make connection with them. And they are knowing of your reaching out to them. They are knowing of your connection to them. And in that spark, for it is like a spark, a flash of connection, of lightening, there is a spark of connection between you. And in that spark of connection it is so fast my friends simply because you have reached out in love to them, reached out with your thoughts to them.

But we know it is harder for you in some respects because you do not always feel the connection, you do not always know the connection, or you doubt the connection, imagining that it is to do with your own minds, your own imaginings. Yet in truth my friends I say to you that, regardless of what imaginings your mind may engage in, yet in truth I tell you in all honesty and sincerity you are connected to your loved ones. And they in turn take an interest in your well being and your welfare. They take an interest in your earthly doings, your earthly life. Therefore there is no separartion. Though the veil feels strong and impenetrable at times, in truth it is not, it is not.

Norma: So if I may ask, if a person does maintain his or her personality after transition and does not meld into spirit or does one become one with spirit?

Hai: You have touched upon an insightful question my firend, one which is difficult to answeer while you are still on the earth plane but I will endeavour to answer it.

Norma: Thank you.

Hai: It is best that I give you an example I think, for an example sometimes makes a story which is more easy to understand, more clear to understand. I will tell you of a great roman general, a great roman general who ruled the armies of Rome. And you know what generals do. They give orders and those who follow them obey. They give orders and hundreds and thousands of their followers obey. They tell their army to move here and the army moves here; to move there and it moves there. He had great power behind him. But it was easy for him, this general of Rome because he was a strong personality, a naturally confident personality with what you would call great charisma. For this man was a strong man, a confident man.

He lived out his time and he served his masters well and he passed into spirit and he sojourned in spirit for some time. Now this was his persona while upon the earth plane. Then came the time for him to enter into another earthly life. And he decided for himself with counsel that this time he would take on the persona of a weaker individual. (I use "weaker" in only a relative sense). That he would take on the persona of one who was more timid than his last persona, one who was not naturally confident or strong. One who indeed was doubting of himself. For the former general reasoned thus: that there would have been no great gain for him to enter the earth plane again with his former persona for he had learned what he could from that persona, by being in that way. So he decided that by taking upon this new persona of a less confident individual and yet thriving upon the earth plane combatting his weaknesses, making himself strong in this new persona; by this means he would make himself overall more learned, more strong, more well rounded in his spirit being. Does this make sense to you my friends?

Q: Yes.

Hai: The fact that he had to come and struggle rather than it come naturally to him. Therefore I return to your question my friend. Therefore I say to you my friend Norma that if a soul passes into spirit it may well retain its personalirty, its persona, for some time in spirit. But I will tell you that you have all lived many lives before, and you have the freedom to adopt any persona that you wish, any persona that suits you, that is of purpose for you. Most will retain their most recent persona when they are in spirit and they will connect with those using that persona, those whom they know.

But we are all on a very long journey my friend Norma. We are much more than the persona which you see before yourselves. Janet is much more than the persona she appears as now, though that is strong enough. And Norma you too are more that your personality you display to your group of friends. Therefore we are all on a long journey and growing with that journey and through that journey. And during the course of that journey through many lifetimes we take on many personas, to experience them, to live our lives through them, to grow through them. Is this not something to reflect upon my friends? For you have heard through many of your teachers how we should be tolerant and patient with each other. How much more so should we be patient and tolerant with each other when perhaps the very trait that we complain of in another was ours of yesterday. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

Louise: When a person passes and becomes a spirit they have communication with their family that's here. Now when that person reincarnates does the communication between that person and the family stop and go to the next family?

Hai: The connection can still be maintained but it will be, how would you say, more ethereal perhaps, more subtle, because they are now again in body. And therefore though what I said before is true, that the bond of love is enduring through all time, the connection is enduring through all time, yet there are different layers to pass through when another person reincarnates, is reborn to the earth plane. And yet the connections prevail my friend.

And indeed it is true, that though we may live in the spirit lands for many hundreds of years compared to your time before we reincarnate, that maybe souls wish to reincarnate together for their own purpose, for the greater purpose, for the greater good. And it is true that whereas two souls may have been related as husband and wife say in a former lifetime, they may in a future lifetime be related as brother and sister, as two best friends as nephew and niece, whatever. The important thing is that the relationship endures is it not? For there are many permutations in relationship. And indeed the two souls may wish to enter into those permutations in relationship to experience them together, to grow through them together.

Q: Hai, may I ask one more question related to this? Paul told us that you were a Buddhist monk.

Hai: Yes.

Q: Do you find that your belief as a Buddhist monk then fits into this teaching or prepared you for undestanding this or may have influenced what you believe or what you are telling us now.

Hai: We as Buddhist monks were brought up to live in the Now. I was a Ch'an Buddhist monk, what you would call Zen. We therefore were trained to live in the Now, to live at one with the earthly life, yet not being swamped in the materialistic life. We live spiritually in the Now. And we were discouraged from speculating about things beyond the end of life, things beyond in the Spirit Lands. Though we recognised that there were spirit lands, we taught of spirit lands, yet we told our brother monks and nuns to focus upon the Now for we wish them to become Enlightened in the Now, in the present everyday life upon the physical plane. For we felt that such speculation on the spirit planes would be distracting, may be over distracting. But from where I speak now I do not see them as much a distraction as I once thought. (Laughter). For if I did I would have to pack up my bags now and go home. (Laughter).

So we feel it is a gift to be able to speak to you through the veil through this medium. It is a joy to us to speak to you through this veil which seems so substantial yet really is so thin. We are grateful for the opportunity. For my friends you know people seek from me sometimes great wisdom. They want great wisdom. But I say in sincerity, I say to them that is it not miraculous, is it not wonderful to spend time talking together with you, all sharing moment together, sharing time together? If everyone upon the earth plane really felt the wonder, the joy, the companionship, the love, the miracle of being able to spend time together, to share a moment together, would there be any war? I think not. For they would so cherish their brothers and sisters, the wonder of their brothers and sisters, that they would not wish to do harm to them.

Q: Can I ask a question? So there's several different levels of consciousness even in the etheric world? Correct?

Hai: Yes.

Q: So would that say there are differnces of opinion of those in spirit?

Hai: Yes, this is entirely possible, yes.

Q: So some may agree on some things and others may disagree with some things.

Hai: We have heard some of your jokes about those people with certain beliefs when they go over to the spirit lands. They find that their beliefs were totally true and correct, yes? For they are all talking to each other, (Laughs), in the same place. For like minds are drawn together in spirit plane or on earth plane, like minds are drawn together. Therefore like minds find their like place, yes? (Laughs). And they all marvel to each other: "Ah, we thought it would be like this. Yes, we are all together, we of the true faith, yes. But I tell you my friends they are all together in their prison, all together in their prison. It is not too harsh a prison, but nevertheless a prison until they throw the gates open for themselves and wander the high broadways throughout the gates.

Walt: My question has to do with the human embryo. When does the soul implant itself in the womb, in the embryo?

Hai: There can be a connection my friend from the spirit to the embryo from an early point, for the spirit knows that it is going to inhabit this body. But it does not mean that from the moment of conception the spirit is within that physical developng body. I cannot give you an exact date, an exact time, for this too varies. All I can say to you is that the spirit forms a bond with that enmbryo, that developing body, and indeed it may inhabit it and release it on and off in the course of the enmbryo's development. But at some point the spirit commits and it lives entirely with that embryo within the physically developing human body. But it is not a fixed thing . The important thing is that the spirit has identified that body, has laid claim to it if you wish. For often spirits are advised and counselled about the circumstances of their birth, about the environment in which they wish to grow up in, about the parents whom they wish to have, and the experiences which they wish to have in principle. It does not mean by me sayin this that everything is written in stone. But in principle the pattern is fixed. The pattern may alter, the pattern may shift, the pattern is fluid.

Saloma: Can I ask a question about the teachings of the Ascended masters?

Hai: What specifically do you wish to ask?

Saloma: Can you bring something from one of the Ascended masters? What are their teachings about spirituality, about spiritualism?

Hai: (Silence for a while). Did you hear? Did you hear my friend?

Saloma: Yes.

Hai: I do not wish to joke with your question, but the highest truths are silence and gained through silence. And who is an "ascended master" my friend? You are all ascended masters in the making, all of you, every single one of you here is an ascended master in the making, developing, growing in wisdom, in spirituality, in the greatest, highest knowledge. Therefore do not attach yourselves too much to the ideas of ascended masters. Reach with your own wisdom my friend, for you have much wisdom within you, truly you have much knowledge within you. And your seeking will lead you to the path that you need and require, the path that will lead you to great enlightenment. By saying this we do not wish to derogate the teachings of others you understand, but we merely wish you to all seek with your own hearts and wisdom, your own knowledge, for you have great knowledge and wisdom within you all.

There are often times we encounter people who are keen on angels and they speak of the angels to us. I speak reverently about the angels, but when Davia is speaking through this one and he is asked about angels he speaks less reverently about angels. But when he does this it is purely because he is concerned that those who speak of the angels are becoming too dependent upon angels. And though it is good to know that each of you has an angel or angels looking after you, watching over you, trying to guide you as your spirit guides are trying to guide you, help you, yet they are your servants not your masters. They are your aids upon the way, upon the path.

Therefore it is important to be self-reliant while remaining knowledgable that you have much positive influence around you who are trying to help you, who are trying to guide you, to ask you to ask the right questions at those times in your life when you need to ask the right questions. So we help you and guide you through your own inner planes, your own inner aspirations. We do not lead with a rein. We rather walk alongside you. For we have walked the same path as you my friends and slipped in the same mud, (Laughter), or stumbled in the same potholes. Therefore who are we to set ourselves above you? Whether we are ascended masters or not we have had to learn also the hard way. And learning through the hard way though painful it is the best way to learn for is it not more sure, more secure when we learn in this way?

Bill: If in Buddhism it teaches that we are all essentially One Being.

Hai: Yes.

Bill: As we begin to perceive ourselves as One Being with everyone else wouldn't it make sense that also our past lives would start to be joined with everyone elses' so that there would only be like in essence our past life would be everybody's past life?

Hai: We are indeed all one as you say Bill quite rightly. There is just One vast Consciousness, One vast Being. But is it not marvellous that there are all these souls manifesting in this room tonight and indeed this room also. Is it not a marvellous thing that the vast One Consciousness is manifesting in this way? Therefore the One is the many and the many is the One. And there is no contradiction in this. We are like the leaves of a vast tree reaching out from its branches its many branches, each leaf individual yet bonded to the tree, bonded to every other leaf upon that tree in a vast Oneness. Or we may think of the vast ocean, the vast vast ocean with its many ripples, its many waves. And each wave is like an individual soul on the surface of that vast ocean, yet each wave is at one and the same time only the vast ocean, vast Oneness. The problems arise only when the individual wave thinks it is individual and is higher than the rest.(Laughter). That is when the problems materialise, that is when the ego raises its head. But if we can only see that we are one wave like the many waves of the vast ocean and feel the one life of that vast Ocean within us and within all the waves upon the ocean, then again there would be no hatred, no conflict, no war.

Your issue of past lives my friend. Past lives are like more ripples upon the ocean. We have all lived so many times my friend. We have encountered each other in so many different ways. So many different ways and so many different relationships. We are aware that many hold true to their family, close family and this is laudible, this is natural. But if we could only see our past lives, those whom we would view as our close family would suddenly expand to the far horizons of the earth. For we are knowing of each other throughout our many lifetimes, through our many lifetimes. And those who we meet on the street today who we see as a stranger, we have been as close as close can be to them in a previous life. And indeed some of you may have had the experience of a moment of recogniiton as you pass someone in the street, perhaps when your eyes have met there's been a knowing, a meeting. That's because sometimes you knew this person in a previous life, previous incarnation.

Q: How does the spirit world prove about exisitence in a past life?

Hai: Sometimes we can give you evidence. Sometimes we cannot give you evidence. Sometimes the evidence comes fleetingly unasked for, yet is still evidence.

Q: Would a recognition of someone else be simple as like a vibration of energy with each other?

Hai: You may feel that and you may find that sufficient sometimees, but what is sufficient for one will not be sufficient for another. This is true is it not? This is true in all cases when we try to give evidence through mediums. What is good evidence for one person who has received it is not for another. And therefore this is inevitable for we deal with human beings and each human being has their own criteria, their own criteria for satisfaction. But sometimes you may my friend imagine or see a scene in your mind from a bygone age which seems real, vivid, convincing. And sometimes this may be because you have truly connected with a past life of your own and you've connected with a previous vison of those times and there is a knowing, though it would convince no friend of yours, though it would convince no stranger. Yet for you personally it may be sufficient evidence, for there is a recognition, a real recognition.

Q: Why is it that we are not allowed to have the knowledge of all our past lives this time?

Hai: Because you have the business in hand to attend to my friends. It would be a distraction if you knew all your past lives. It would confuse things. He is telling me, Davia, it is like if you went to one of your shops, ice cream shop and you wish to order vanilla ice cream. So you are looking forward to your vanilla ice cream. And your eyes light up as you see it coming towards you. And then another attendant intervenes and says "No hang on, I can fix that," and the other attendant snatches your beautiful vanilla ice cream from the hands of the other attendant who is serving you and immediately starts to mix it up with raspberry flavour, orange flavour, stawberry flavour, and so on till your vanilla ice ctream has disappeared, (Laughter) and you are most distraught. You see what I mean? It would become very confusing my friends if you could see all of your past lives.

It is like the roman general who I mentiomned to you earlier. He made a positive decision that he wished to come onto the earth plane again with a weaker, less confident personality deliberately for he felt that he could grow stronger, even stronger by experiencing this and living through this life. If it had been imposed upon him to also experience his former life, his former persona as the roman general, would it not have got in the way? Would it not have been connfusing for him? And would it not have frustrated his goal, his aim?

Lisa: With reincarnation, with families, is there a core family structure that you would revert back to in different lives, like, you have a different mother and father in your third life and fourth life but is there like a core family where that would come from completely?

Hai: Your core family my friend was alluded to by Bill. Was it Bill who spoke of the Oneness?

Bill: Yes.

Hai: Then Bill has answered your question my friend. But I will say more. Sometimes yes we form bonds which are enduring for a particular reason. Therefore we may find that those bonds persist and prevail through many lifetimes and it is like a family continuity if you wish. The relationships may change yet the family bond continues, though they experience each other through these different relationships. But in truth my friends it is as Bill said, we are all one core family, if you wish to see it that way, vast Oneness, One mind, All Penetrating, All Pervading, nothing within, nothing opposing It. And in saying that I commit heresy. But we are forced to use words in speaking to you. But if I were not to use words I would say to the annoyance of my friends perhaps here: When you hear the stone cockerel crow you will know the answer. Now that has dumbfounded you yes? (Laughter). As it dumbfounds all whom I speak to of the stone cockerel.

Q: Was that a koan?

Hai: Yes, and when the stone cockerel crows you will know. Do not become attached to the stone cockerel. But the importamnt thing in this is that there is vast Oneness. We are all intimately at Onement , closer and more intimate than we realise, closer than the blood that flows in our veins when on the earth.

Caroline: : How do we make the decision to come? What's the purpose for us to make the decision to come back and be incarnated into this life?

Hai: We wish to grow in certain new directions, or we wish to grow further in those directions depending upon our previous experiences of life. For though there is much that may be learnt in the spirit planes, for learning still continues through those spirit planes, yet there are some things that are best learnt on the earth plane. For the earth plane has special opportiunities, special circumstances which may be used to our advantage, special trials that we can user to our advantage. And therefore it is a gift, a precious gift, though it may not always feel like this, when you are ill, when you are suffering in body. But in truth your time here is a short time my friends. You can see this yourselves yes? It is a short time. Yet it is a precious time and a time to use well, to use positively, to not bemoan our lot while we are upon the earth plane, but to try to keep a smile upon our faces, though it is difficult at times. And to walk forward, to walk forward.

Janet: You are basically talking through Paul, correct, using him as a vehicle?

Hai: Mediums are always imperfect but we have to use best way we can.

Janet: You don't have to be a certain age, certain type, certain anything for spirit to work through someone, a physical body?

Hai: No.

Janet: So spirit can work even through a child, an artist, a muscician?

Hai: You speak of a variety of different forms, of different ways of influence.

Janet: Yes.

Hai: Yes. You must remember also though my friend Janet that you, all of you, are all spirtiual beings in essence . Therefore you are also your own influence. You are also your own recognition of wisdom. You are also your own spiritual influence upon the world. But it is true, having said all that, that you may connect with others in spirit . Even a child may connect to an influence if they are open to it. But we are careful in our influence of children for obvious reasons. But an artist may be influenced, a musciain may be influenced. But do not demean your own influence , your own ability to connect, to shape things spiritual upon the earthly plane.

Q: When a person chooses or is drawn into an incarnation upon the earth do they just sort of disappear in spirit? Is there something akin to like for us to leave the physical plane we have to die and shed the physical body. When a person comes from spirit into a physical body do they just sort of disappear for a while, is there like a sign on the door up there: "Out to lunch?"

Hai: They cannot "disappear" as you put it my friend for they are ever present.

Q: Just in a different form?

Hai: They are in a form expressing their spiritual being through a physical body.

Q: So people in spirit could see me in the physical whereas I may not be aware of them?

Hai: They are aware of you in all your forms and aspects my friend, but you, because your physical senses are limited by those physical senses are not. Yet if you can step beyond those physical senses you may use your inner abilities, your spiritual abilities to connect with them. But so many who walk the earth plane deny the spiritual. I do not mean to say that in all cases they do not believe it or they reject it. I simply mean they are so immersed in the physical world, the physical senses that they deny themselves other opportunities, other possibilities. And in your age it is perhaps more difficult than it has been in many, for you have so many things to entice your senses do you not? So many more interesting things to do than to sit for development. And this is natural; this is human. But we are gifted by those of you who do sit for development, give up your time in patience, in devotion and indeed who give your time to listen to the speakings tonight. We are grateful for this.

He (Davia) is saying I must go.

Q: Thank you so much.

Hai: I must go when I am asked to go by Davia. (Laughter). For he runs the show behind the scenes. I must go that others may come. So we go. God bless you my friends. God bless you and remember my friends the Oneness as Bill has spoken of tonight. Remember the Divine Oneness, which I could also say the Divine Togetherness, Goodbye my beautiful friends.

MP3 Audio Recordings of the Trance Mediumship / Channeling Demonstration


You can hear an audio recording of Hai's communication by clicking here.
(49 mins approx)


WB talks about his last life and his obsession with his work at the expense of relationships and friendships. He sees this in people in our day who are obsessed with careers or hobbies. Counselled by spirits of great wisdom on entering the Spirit World he was able to redirect himself and experience now what he had deprived himself of on earth. He asks us to reach out to others who similarly may be cut off from relationships and human warmth.

You can hear an audio recording of WB's communication by clicking here.
(9 mins approx)


Joseph was full of fun and humour. He talked about his life as a slave in Southern Louisiana. He urged us to look on the bright/positive side of life and to guard against morbid thoughts, as the power of thought has a strong effect. He emphasised the need to embrace life, work with it and shape it the best way we can.

You can hear an audio recording of Joseph's communication by clicking here.
(18 mins approx)


Harriet has talked about her life in England in the early 1800s on other occasions, but the dark consequences of her actions of abusing the information she gathered seemed to be more keenly felt in this communication. On entering the Spirit World she became aware of the consequences of her actions and the pain she had inflicted on others. The skills once used for ill were now transmuted and used for good. She urged us to take this to heart: that those who do great evil may eventually do great good; the seeds of good can grow.

You can hear an audio recording of Harriet's communication by clicking here.
(16 mins approx)


Davia was as boisterous and full of fun as ever. He implored us to think positively about ourselves. He also answered questions about life on other planets and the process of mediumship. He finished with his usual blessing.

You can hear an audio recording of Davia's communication by clicking here.
(7 mins approx)

All the above audio recordings of the spirit communications are also accessible from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at the Church of the Living Spirit, Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona. September 2009

We encourage you to listen to the recordings in order to get the full benefit from the demonstration and to also experience the humour.

We would like to thank the members of the Church of the Living Spirit, Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona for their warm welcome and for their participation. A special thanks to Janet who organised the evening.

Cathedral Rocks, Sedona, Arizona

We then moved on to Camp Verde using this small town as a base to explore the surrounding area, particularly Sedona and the beautiful rock formations to be found in this area. While in Sedona there was a flash flood which caused some damage to a local shopping area.

Cathedral Rocks, Sedona, Arizona

Fire Tower near Grand Canyon, Arizona

We then moved on to Flagstaff, Arizona for one night on our way to the Grand Canyon. On our way for a view of the Grand Canyon at sunset we went on a jeep tour through a nearby forest, stopping at this Fire Tower on the Arizona Trail, which was an opportunity for Paul to overcome his fear of heights. He climber up it and has the photos to prove it, but he had to make a quick descent when a thunderstorm started so as not to get fried by the lightning.

Las Vegas, Nevada

From Grand Canyon we moved on through Williams and Kingman stopping at the Hoover Dam before finding our hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. We stayed in Las Vegas for a few nights and had a look around all the sights.

Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

The highlight for Eileen though had to be the Liberace Museum which she has been wanting to visit for many years.

Philip Fortenberry at Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

A piano performance at the museum by Philip Fortenberry in "Liberace and Me" was a real bonus and great entertainment.

Calico Ghost Town, California

From Las Vegas we headed across the Mojave Desert, breaking the journey to see Calico Ghost Town near Barstow before moving on to Mojave, California.

Yosemite National Park, California

After Mojave we drove via Bakersfield to Sequoia National Park, the following day continuing on via Fresno and Oakhurst to Yosemite National Park.

Leaving Yosemite we drove across to San Francisco for our flight back to England. The flight back proved to be an epic though. The flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was straight forward but the onward flight to Manchester was cancelled due to a technical problem and the airline ended up putting us in a hotel overnight. The passengers from the flight had been scattered throughout hotels in the area. The Airline decided to put on a special new flight early the next morning but as some of us were so far out they decided that there wasn't time to bus us all in for the flight. We finally got home the next day via a flight to Frankfurt with a connecting flight on a prop plane to Manchester. Eileen and Emma were not impressed; they were not used to prop planes. Their nerves weren't helped by the very long taxi on the runway (it felt like the piloy had decided to go verland) or by a priest who was sitting near us saying his prayers before take off. He repeated the his prayers when it came to landing in Manchester.

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