DRTKeeghan Physical seance and courses at Carlisle 2005

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DRTKeeghan Physical seance and courses at Carlisle 2005

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:30 am

Posted by Lorna Saville:

The demonstration/séance started at 8.00pm in good red light in a room upstairs where there was a great many photographs of past lodge Grandmasters. Much to our surprise several Masons came through Roy and we were able to recognise them immediately after the séance from the photographs on the wall. We all saw a lady who was we believe, the housekeeper of the lodge hall before it was a lodge. One lady in the group saw her Dad with what was pointed out to her by others, his work pencil or cigarette behind the ear. This was formed jet black and was about two inches long. He always had either of them stuck on his ear when working.We all observed Roy’s face change shape, it shrank, then swelled, the colour of the skin changed at different times, hair grew and receded, moustaches of different sizes on the Spirit World people were observed, many there had seen nothing like it before. After about half an hour, the cabinet in which Roy was sitting the curtains were closed, and the red lights were turned off then we all started singing lively songs. We had placed two trumpets, three rods laid out in a triangle shape, and luminous plaque in front of the cabinet. Unfortunately there was light coming under the door and through the window at the back of the room so it was not pitch black.
During the séance the cabinet was seen to double in size sideways to the right of Roy, a lot of flashing lights were seen, two gentlemen [Billy and Roy H] caused a commotion when one accused the other of touching him, a little later another person shouted out they had been touched then Clair and Cynthia felt a dog come between them and plonk itself there facing the cabinet both feeling the weight of it against their legs, it stayed there for about half an hour. A shadow of a person was seen as it leant over between two sitters near the corner, [no sitter had moved], Billy then heard his son’s name “Jonathan” whispered in his ear. People saw on the right of the cabinet in front of the curtain a figure. The luminous plaque [2 ft x 1ft] was observed to have a face being placed on it, Cynthia said it was her son, then a red border surrounded the plaque, it then pulsed bright light one minute then dull the next. The trumpets had a lot of sparkling lights around them. Every sitters’ legs up to the knees were as though they were surrounded with blocks of ice, they were like that for most of the time. Three quarters of the way through the séance on the left hand side amongst the sitters, a strong breeze was felt coming from the cabinet. At the end of the séance the strong cold went and we knew the energy had gone as we all warmed up and it was time to finish for the night, it was then 10 pm.

Next day Roy held a workshop again in the Masonic Hall in the small downstairs room. The morning was a trance healing session, Roy showing us firstly and most importantly how to link truthfully and sincerely with the Spirit World. We each did some healing of each other then tried it again, but this time each time with each student part way through each session, Roy went into trance and allowed his helper to come through [his face and body changed into the spirit person healing] each time placing his hands on the shoulders of the person healing, we all felt a substantial difference in the energy passing through into the patient, as did the patient. We tried psychic art in three different ways that Spirit can use with a mediumistic person, and another part of the workshop, we used dowsing rods to prove to ourselves our thoughts are living energies. Then at the end we had a go with the planchette every person placing a single fingertip on it. We received messages, which were proof for Lorna and Dorothy. The next time Roy does a workshop here we are going to experiment with no fingers on the planchette. We all look forward to that.Next day, Sunday, the workshop was held in Dumfries. We were guided to linking with Spirit as Roy kept on saying, truthfully and with sincerity, because that is all he wants in trance speaking. Roy asked us to say what Spirit had given us BUT no silly accents to concentrate on. He wanted true philosophy from the World of Spirit. It did not matter whether we spoke or not as we were all developing. He showed us how to forget about our body and to concentrate on a particular point to slow the thoughts down that naturally go through our minds.
In the afternoon we sat in good red light for transfiguration development. There was daylight coming through the curtains and the windows, which could not be blacked out, but Roy said it did not matter too much. A lot of sitters, were seen to have tubes [seen by all observers] pumped up by the Spirit World. These were on the neck and on the face by the nose, cheeks and above the eyebrows of the developing Mediums. Some had their hands and fingers altered around the knuckle areas and the back of the hand. Isabel had Spirit eyes placed over her closed eyes. Roy had to check if her eyes were closed. Cilla’s facial skin went an ashen grey for a while then went like a ruddy outdoor person’s face then into a tan colour like a native Indian but without the face changing substantially. Mikes right hand swelled up substantially from the knuckles to the wrist, as did many others. Every person there saw the alterations on the people sitting for development.
We are definitely having Roy back to take some more workshops and hopefully have him do another transfiguration/physical demonstration. Amazing.
Roy said I could give his email and mobile number out for people who would like to contact him for a workshop or demonstration of transfiguration/séance.
keeways@hotmail.com 0781 269 0534
Roy has written a very informative book about how to link with the Spirit World called “Meditation Oneness”

Posted by Merlin:

Here is a link to Roys site, when you look in be prepared to spend a bit of time there it is vast

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