spiritual awakening or going crazy?

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spiritual awakening or going crazy?

Postby karen1975 » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:02 pm

hello every1, im new to this site so please bare wit me!! i'm jus wondering if any1 can give me any guidence on wat i would like to know about?

i dnt even know wer to start!! ok, wen i was growing up i was extremely 'sensitive'.. i was great on pickin up the emotional vibrations of others n places.. at times i also use to get flashes of images when i met certain people in my minds eye about 'bad' things that they were either doin or was gonna do... whether 1 wud call this psyhcic iv no idea.. however, wen i was in my very late teens i hated wat i had.. i spent several yrs detaching my self from my real self n became completely robotic for 6 yrs after that...

iv always drawn people to meet with deep emotional issues n have always been very empathic since a very young age.. in my late 20's i went into studying counsellin n this led on to me doing reiki n frm my 1st intunment iv experienced stuff that has been amazin n also very frightening..

iv started getting back into meditation recently n i am now experiencing some very uncomfortable feelings and seeing things!! im also dreamin alot more, usually these dreams r about me having a mental health issues.. im scared to do meditations now at times n i get scared before i go sleep at times.. i find this happens wen im usually at my most relaxed... could any1 shine some light n wat might be happenin to me or offer me some guidence n wat to do??? Thankyou all very much. karen
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Postby osiejrosiei » Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:23 pm

Beneficial complete strategies right here. No . like to advise investigating such thinggs as video an explosive device. Just what exactly do you consider?
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