The Annunaki

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The Annunaki

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:28 am

Posted by Stuart:

Can anybody help with this one.

I was on a site recently which was going on about the annunaki, they basically implied that they ruled the planet, have done so for years, are responsible for many a disaster, and that there days are numbered because of the forthcoming golden age.

The writer then went on to say that annunaki spirits cause mischief in the astral world, that karma is evil, and that they do there utmost to stop spirits progressing.

Do the annunaki exist, have they ever existed, or are the dark on a serious wind up?

Also, when the writer refers to the astral world, does he mean the lower spheres?


Stuart, slightly confused!

Posted by Heavenlygirl:

Are you speaking of the writings of Stichin? I was reading about the annunaki and how they reside on the planet Niburu (just past Pluto). Stichin seems to have an extraordinary imagintion. His theory is intriguing, but I couldn't find anything about the annunaki being a "bad" race. However, like the human race there may be a couple bad apples. The only part of his theory that I don't like is the part about how they had fiddled with our human genetic structure. I read your post and it was interesting so I started to surf the web to see for myself what or who the annunaki were. The above is what I found out. This is just what I found. Hai could give you a much better explanation! It's nice to see some new members post questions! I hope I helped a little bit.

Posted by Stuart:

no it wasnt stichin, it was actually an anoymous writer, and i cant find the site at the moment!, thanks for your reply though.

ive been looking at david ickes website recently, and i cant make him out.
when he first come on the scene, he was going on about the afterlife and the spirit world, great, at last someone in the public eye is telling the truth to the masses, now, all he goes on about is shape shifting lizards.
why dosent he mention the golden age, or the shift in consciousness that may well be happening, it must be scary stuff to some people what he is saying, and i think hes right in some of the things that he goes on about, but i dont know if hes gone too far with the lizard thing, who knows, he could be right.

anyway, i was wondering, do you know where he gets his info from?, is he getting it from spirit?, he mentions on his site that he had a great spiritual awakening in peru about 13 years ago, but most things he says now just seem a bit too much. he gave a talk in london a few weeks ago, and 4,000 turned up, so people are listening,

ive rambled a bit, so ill shut up now!

thanks alot


Posted by Heavenlygirl:

Stuart, wow you're right! That is some disturbing stuff that David Ike is talking about. He says that the Royal family of England are all Illuminati, a secret society of evil shape shifting lizards. I don't know but to me that doesn't feel right. Princess Diana was one of the most sweetest, caring people. She did so many good things, how could she have been part of something like that! Oh, and did you see the picture of Bill Clinton with a lizard tongue! That gave me a chuckle. David says that they call themselves by different names so that nobody could try to track them. The annunaki, illuminati, etc. He goes on to say that 32 of the American presidents are from the same blood line. That all people in politics around the world are linked to the same society and tons more. It would make a really good book, but I am not sure it is reality. How could they force people to do things that they don't want to do. We have free will, our own free will that evil cannot touch. I am referring to the part I read about them controlling the population and creating dogmatic religions to throw us off from what is reality. I don't know about that, it is really scary stuff, especially the blood drinking part. it doesn't feel right to me. Remember to test everything you read or hear. If it doesn't feel right to you, brush it off. It it feels right then hold tight to it.

Anyways, about the question you stated above about David Ike getting info form spirit. Remember that when someone receives information through trance it doesn't mean that it is the truth. Many lower dwelling spirits don't want souls to find their way home, they don't want you to advance so they may try to scare you off of your path. They may provide false information through trance specifically for their own twisted humor. This is why I love this website. Every little piece of information I find on this site feels so right to me. I feel that Hai is an extremely reliable source. I feel that Hai is an extremely evolved spirit. The more advanced the soul, the more reliable the information because there is access to higher sources of info from where he is and there is no twisted need for trickery. I know that Eillen, Paul, and Hai are quite busy right now, when they post an answer back on this subject you'll know what I mean.

Posted by Stuart:

I'm going to see a medium this friday, its been a while, so im looking forward to it.

the question will be asked about mr icke, whether hes getting his messages from mischievious spirits or not, so watch this space!!

it would be interesting to hear what hai has to say on the subject.

thanks for your time.

Posted for Hai:

This is something someone has dreamed up. There are people who create, or follow, go along with, imaginary stories, imaginings, of what transpires in your world and other worlds for that matter also. But the mind is creative. The mind may create many worlds out of what is the one same world to you all. The mind may create many worlds out of it, many imaginings, many interpretations, many of which are without foundation.

Yet to those who subscribe to these stories, these imaginings, they gather momentum, they gather strength. They possess those who believe in them. Those who believe in them act upon the principles enshrined in these stories, on the insights which they think are gained from these stories. And so an imaginary world becomes a world of reality and a dangerous one at that sometimes, depending upon where these imaginary stories will lead them.

So this is all at the level of imagination, imaginings without foundation. We would counsel people not to give up your energies to contemplating, to agonising, to thinking upon these stories. For in truth they almost imply that these creatures drain the life blood of your people, of your species. But the only way there is any truth to this is that if you believe in these stories and you give your attention and energies to them you indeed allow your life blood to be drained away by your exertions upon them.


Posted by Stuart:

thanks hai for the reply regarding david icke, most interesting.

heavenly girl, i saw that medium friday, and strange it was too, she didnt say much about the future, but it was like she could read my mind, all the thoughts ive had lately she knew about them, excellent!!!
she went on to say that me and my sister should sit in or start a home circle, i replied that i wouldnt know where to begin, so what, came the reply, you have to start somewhere, so, you never know.

she talked alot about the spirit world, and the different spheres, and that my mom and dad are together, but not always, which i could definently take, mom was a medium. she mentioned one of your favourite subjects, the lower plains, but advised me not to take too much of an interest in them!!
she also mentioned that there was life on other planets, and no, there not all reptilian!!!

i asked about David Icke, and the answer i got was, well, hes making alot of money from those books!, i think the answer from hai is perfect regarding mr icke, ill stay away from his website from now on!

once again, ive gone on a bit,

thanks everybody,

all the best

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