Physical is old news

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Physical is old news

Postby gjørahealer » Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:10 am

As there are no discussions based on the work of the Pheonix group at present, I thouhgt I would open a topic for discussion, related to the work of the group.

I liken physical mediumship to that of attempting a 50ft spey cast on the Tay with half a dozen people standing around, specifically to watch you. Daunting, at the very least and this supposedly the reserve of the wholey dedicated, blessed and with regard to mediumship at least, a specific chemical make-up. All this and closed circles, ensuring an elitist furver.

I am sure those involved "in the persuit of physical mediumship" would dissagree and say that with a little investigation circles can be found and applications made with regard to joining them. I believe otherwise. Of course there are good circles operating around the UK but I generally take issue with the way they work.

A couple of hundred years ago people would sit in circles as part of an evening's entertainment and experience, as a matter of course, all manner of physical phenominen. I understand ectoplasm requires there to be complete darkness for the safety of the medium and that the process of building ectoplasm and its various forms can cause a myriad of complications for both the sitters and medium if the conditions are not right. All this is very cloak and dagger and most certainly very turn of the 20th century.

So, what's next? If physical mediumsip was almost commonplace amongst those practicing it all those years ago, what's next? Why are we concentrating on recreating the successes of those before us? Why are we not looking to evolve the phenominen? If ectoplasmic discharge is so difficult to produce, can cause serious injury to the medium and can only be experienced in total darkness, why on earth are we still trying to procuce it!? Full manifestation and independent voice are great things if you are happy keeping what you do in the dark but really, truly, what is the point?

I am aware Spirit are attempting to connect with us physically and in different ways than the archaic darkend rooms with cloaked cupboards. Surely it makes sense to evolve, move forward, progress with what physical mediumship can offer us, rather than chase old fashioned raps and taps and what seems to be the holly grail, full manifestation and independent voice.

The natural way of things is to learn and move forward, currently I believe those involved in the chase for physical phenomina are far too retrospective. If physical mediumship is to have a great reasurgance, it needs to find out where it's going and make itself more acceptable to the wider public, rather than sit in closed groups and blacked-out rooms, trying to recreate history.

Physical mediumship, although currently the preserve of the highly dedicated, I believe should be in the hands and of all those that would like to explore it. Furthermore, I don't believe there should be a movement towards a more generally acceptable and open experience. I don't think for one minute that Spirit wants only a select few to experience physical phenomina and those that do should seriously think about their motivation.

My last point is that I believe, with training, anyone that wants to can experience physical mediumship, it is not something only achieved by those with a certain chemical composition. Like mediumship, it can be learned, like becomming a violinist it may take some time and some are better than others but it can be learned. We should be promoting an inclusive belief system, actively getting new people involved, afterall, the more people pushing the boundries, the more we will achieve.
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