Opinions Please

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Opinions Please

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:55 am

Posted by Kelly:

I was wondering if someone could give me some suggestions on my issue. I am having trouble desiphering my own thoughts and communicating spirits messages. Is this normal for a beginner in mediumship?

Also, I have this unexplainable fear of the dark. I know that the best time for communication is in the stillness and calmness of the night, but how can I comfortably practice my mediumship with this fear of the dark? Spirits prefer cool dark areas...correct? So what is a girl to do???

Hi Kelly, not quite sure what you mean when you say "trouble desiphering your own thoughts and communicating spirit messages". If you mean you are not sure what are your thoughts and what are messages, that is a normal experience. Usually images etc that come from spirit seem to "come from nowhere" and you can't find a reason why they should have popped into your mind. Recognising the difference comes with practice.
If you mean you are having trouble interpreting the messages, that too is normal. The method of communication varies partly depending upon how spirits can best use our abilities eg: people may be better getting messages through images, sound or feeling. Using images as an example a spirit might use a symbol to convey a message. While some symbols might have a similar meaning for many people the meaning which we attach to a symbol can be very individual to us. A spirit might give us a symbol to see how we interpret it and learn from the experience. It is very much a partnership. This also develops with practice.
You need some quiet but you don't need to sit in the total dark for communication. Most people find low or subdued light helpful. Putting aside the particular needs of physical mediumship the cold and dark are probably more to do with our human needs. (I once saw a spirit in a well lit room).If we were in a stifingly hot room our bodies would not be in the best disposition for communication.
Also, while everyone must experiment to find what works for them I would generally say it is not a good idea to practice communication too near bed time or if you wake up in the middle of the night, unless you don't mind having a disturbed sleep. We are often contacted by people complaining of disturbed sleep and this often seems to be the reason behind it. Hai has told us that it is not that they want to impose but rather that we draw them to us through sending out thoughts. Also, in the early stages, no matter how comfortable you feel about spirit communication during your waking hours, in the dream state your unconscious mind might produce some nightmare elements because of conditioning during our childhood. In the early days I got nightmares involving rats and crocodiles, until my spirit friends sorted this out for me.


Thank you Paul! I have already experienced these kinds of things but didn't realize it. I always get pulled to things out of nowhere. For me, I'll ask a question and the answer will just come out of nowhere. I don't really hear it or see it (although I have been training to see auras and have been seeing things from peripheral vision) I just kind of know it out of the blue. I always thought it was my subconcious memory pulling up things I have known from the past (present or past life). Like you said, it must come with practice. Maybe it isn't my subconcious at all, maybe I have been communicating all along. Thanks again for the guidance, Paul.
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Re: Opinions Please

Postby Volyaan » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:57 pm

Hello Kelly,

Here are some thoughts regarding your post:
Finding a happy medium between making yourself and the sprit(s) comfortable at the same is in my experience what you ought to strive for. If you are too uncomfortable, a spirit might be screaming all he wants the message is very unlikely to come through to you and vice-versa. If you are afraid of the dark, a dimmed light or candle can remedie this without affecting communication too much

About thoughts vs. spirit communications. Well in my experience spirits can also influence your thoughts (i.e. putting thoughts in a particular sequence or shape some of your old memories) to communicate. Hence is again the dilema...which are your own, which are the sprits'? As Paul said it takes time. As an interesting excercise may I suggest the following: when images come, try shift your prespective on them. For example, shift your focus from being fully on them, to not at all, to focusing more on how you feel instead of what you see. Perhaps is their even a pattern with how your communications develop? This is not a straight forward exercise but it helps you to be more attuned to your and your "messengers" own subtleties.

I hope this helps.
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