Question on Symbols

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Question on Symbols

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:29 am

Posted by Garden Bliss:

Blessings! Gasho & Rei.

Forgive my ignorance in all this but what I would like to know is:

What would you feel if in one of my posts I was to include visually one of the Reiki Symbols...

like, if I was sending healing and was to post a picture of the cho ku rei alongside the name or picture of the person intended to be healed? (with the person's previous permission of couse)
the emphasys being on the symbol.

I respect the Symbols but would like to know your opinions on this before I could explain further .

Many thanks, for taking the time to read this ..please do reply honestly with what your heart and knowledge tells you , or simply state your opinion, for only thus we all learn further.

<ALL IS as it should be, right now>
Much Love, Peace and Joy

Hello Garden Bliss,
Many thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in answering.
My personal opinion, providing of course that you have the permission of the person concerned, is that it would do no harm to include a Reiki symbol after the person's details because you are using it to focus your intent. It is now widely known that the symbols are not secret and can be found on jewelly, in books and on buildings in Japan (probably other places too.) However; I am aware that there is still much superstition around about the Reiki symbols and some people would not wish to view them if they haven't been attuned to Reiki. This is something you may wish to consider. I am also courious how you could do this as we don't have a Reiki symbol ready to use on this forum?

The thing about symbols though is that they are 'tools' to connect with particular aspects of energy. A spiritual healer is not given symbols to use but there are many effective spritual healers around. I teach my students to use the symbols to help them initially to connect with energy, but as they practise I find that they are able to let go of them because they can connect just by focussing their intent and offering loving thoughts and compassion to the person whom they wish to help.
So, Garden Bliss, I am sure the person whom you wish to help will receive your loving thoughts and energy whether or not you use the symbols.
Hope this helps.

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