Involuntary Movements During Trance

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Involuntary Movements During Trance

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:21 am

Dina from Corning N.Y. in the USA asked this question and I am posting it and my reply as I thought it may be of general interest.

I am having some unusual experiences during meditation and I was wondering if you could help me to understand what I am experiencing. Over the last 2 months About 20 min into my meditations my head will radomly begin moving on its own, sometimes side to side or in a figure eight. Also I feel a slight tightening in my facial and neck muscles and a "wushing" sound like a washing machine in my ears that goes along with my my heart beat. I get good feelings along with this and its not scary. I almost feel a sense of exstacy.

Hi Dina,

It is certainly quite common in the early stages of trance development to experience the kind of involuntary movements of the head and neck that you describe.
Sometimes these involuntary movements may also affect limbs, particularly the arms and hands. Therefore it is possible that spirits are seeking, if you wish, to work
with you and through you in some form of trance mediumship. In the USA you probably are more used to the term "channeling".

Other explanations may be possible. For example it could just be an involuntary movement produced by the unconscious mind while the conscious mind is in a relaxed state. Or it could be an expression of the Inner Self. Whatever the
explanation I think it is best to just accept it without focusing on it or thinking about it too much, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Given the sense of muscle tension which you describe it may well be that some spirits are seeeking to work through you. You may already have some sense of this from other experiences. It is for you to decide if you want this. You are in control. They are dependent upon your decision, so you must decide what is best for you and what you feel comfortable with.

If spirits are seeking to work with you and you are comfortable with this it could still be quite a long time before you experience other phenomena perhaps them speaking through you, if this is a possibility. Hai has told us that much of what you are experiencing can reflect a period where spirits are getting used to our energies and experimenting with blending their energies with ours in the most effective way so they can work with us.


A follow on question from Dina

There is only one thing I am wary about and that is, I don't want just" any" spirit to work through me, I would like there to be some wisdom and a higher level of truth in what's being channeled. Is there any way of controling this?? I have also been told that in order for someone to be a good channel they also have to be a good psyhcic/ medium . Although I can do mediumship, I don't consider myself to be a great medium. Do you feel that this is true. Also how can I develop this more and can this be done on my own or should I have a teacher?

Hi Dina,

You might be able to find someone living near to you who has some experience and can help you. If not I would say that it is helpful for someone, eg: a friend, who is sympathetic to your development to sit with you. It is helpful for someone else to monitor things and just to be there to support you. It could take a while for things to develop further so it is best to sit regularly but not tire yourself or any friend who is willing to sit with you.

The friend could also be helpful in facilitating communication when the time comes by asking questions etc. I do know people who develop for trance on their own. However, things get especially difficult when the time for communication comes and the person then finds that they end up splitting their minds both trying to ask questions and allowing their minds to flow freely at the same time, so interfering with the trance. It can get very confusing, uncomfortable and ineffective.

The best way to ensure that you are connecting to benevolent spirits is to just reach out with good intent as I am sure you are doing. Like attracts like so if you reach out
with good intent and with a loving purpose to your activity you will attract benevolent partners in spirit. You will get some sense of their benevolence in any case and it
sounds like you are already experiencing this.

The most important thing is not to put blocks up through doubts, concerns over your ability, or over eagerness for progress. There are many different forms of mediumship/channeling and the fact that perhaps you do not get clairvoyance for instance does not necessarilly have any bearing on how successful you can be when you work in trance. The most important thing is to try as far as possible to not have any preconceptions about the communications that come through when they do start to come through, but to be as open minded as possible.

Hai has discussed the different levels of trance with us on many occasions. Some trance mediums of course become totally unconscious, at least for part of the time
while they are in trance, and therefore have no conscious awareness of the communication that has been given through them. However, Hai has cautioned that in any form of mediumship the mind of the medium can influence the
communication even in deep trance. Indeed if the trance medium holds deeply held beliefs these are likely to influence the communication even in deep trance.

So it is best to continue to sit regularly and patiently but not to overdo it.

The other thing to say is that, while there are some general principles, everyone's development is a personal and unique experience to them and the pattern can vary.


A follow on question from Rosepetal:

Hello Paul,
I'm in the process of developing my mediumship skills and experience involuntary jerking in my left doesn't hurt or anything so I'm glad to have found this forum. My Gran was a reluctant medium....she didn't like it when she was alive... sadly I never got to meet her. Looking forward to learning.....I've drifted in and out of various groups and have now found the right people to develop my gift with and am learning about grounding, cleansing and protection....also how important it is to close down.
Regards Rosepetal

Hi Rosepetal,
Glad you've found the right people around you to develop your gift. The involuntary movements that you are experiencing are encouraging and it may be that your spirit guides wish to connect with you in a more direct way if you are ok with this. It is as you say important to be in control of your own development and to keep balance in your life. As far as protection goes though I would say that some people can get a bit over worried about this issue. We firmly believe in the principle that "like attracts like". If we reach out for the best and highest that is what we are likely to draw to us, and that is the best form of protection. Various rituals can be ok but in our view it is intent which is ultimately of the most importance.

Very Best Wishes,

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