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Spirit Visitor

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:43 am

Posted by Paul:

One of the most amazing experiences of my life and one of the most confirming experiences for me of survival after death occured when I was taking part in a session at a Spiritualist Church one night. My daughter and someone else in the group simultaneously told us that they could see (with their inner eye) a boy spirit in a beach situation and they linked this to the town of Whitley Bay. They felt he had been feeling lost/disorientated at the time he was portraying. Almost immediately I saw him with my physical eye at the far end of the room dressed in a top and shorts dancing and waving a yellow spade up and down in one hand while holding a bucket in the other. I had no sooner spotted him than he disappeared from that location and appeared a couple of feet directly in front of me looking me in the eye still doing his dance. He did have a rather lost/disorientated look on his face. I was so stunned that I turned away to tell the other members of the group. When I looked back he was gone. I had grown up in the North-East and knew Whitley Bay well. Perhaps this gave me a link with him. It was an amazing experience, particularly the way he responded to my recognition of his presence. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Posted by Sarah:

what an experience,
did no one clame him at all?

lol will have to pay your church a visit.

love x light

Posted by Paul:

Hi Sarah,

No, no one claimed him. Sometimes spirits can just be visiting, willing to connect with people who are seeking contact. There is not always a need for a relationship to have existed such as a blood relation or friendship.

It is interesting though that the spirit boy had apparently died in the Whitley Bay area of Northumberland which is quite near Newcastle upon Tyne where I grew up. We used to go to Whitley Bay quite often when I was a child. Perhaps I had even come across this boy there at some time.


Posted by Abhay:

Is it ever necessary to 'protect' oneself from wayward spirits? Or is a clear intention of connecting only with evolved beings enough?

My own experiences in India may account for this question. For instance my cousin was 'possessed' for several years when we were little. At the same time each night this male spirit would enter her body and she would scream in pain. Nothing seemed to help until finally a young government employee who spent his evenings praying to Ganesha gave the family the ashes from the incense used in his prayers to put in her 'third eye' area (a common place for the 'tikka' or ceremonial dot in India). Then the spirit left her alone.

In my own experience I have never felt afraid of such wayward spirits. What do you think, Paul?

Abhay (California, USA)

Posted by Paul:

Sorry Abhay, must have missed that you had asked me to comment. Better late than never even as late as I am with this I hope. In my opinion intent is all important. To be honest though, while I know there are many people who believe that the possibility of spirit possession is a reality, I am a little sceptical. Some of the cases of spirit possession that I have seen documented and the subsequent "exorcisms" could be explained within a mental health framework. (The person is cured of their disorder through belief in the power of the ritual). However, I know that many sceptics would say much of mediumship, including my work could be explained within a mental health framework also. On the basis that "there is more in heaven and earth than is dreamed of..." I try to keep my mind open to the possibility. It would be interesting to hear the views of other members on this.

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Re: Spirit Visitor

Postby shadowmaster » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:09 pm


I’m from Aotearoa (New Zealand) I just like to share my experience when I was young. I call it my spiritual journey. At the age of 7 I used to always feel like someone was watching me, and at times it would get very cold in our house but mostly in the room I shared with my brother, quite often I would wake up in the early hours and then have to force myself back to sleep again.

This one particular morning I woke to see a lady dressed in black rocking back and forth in a rocking chair at the entrance of the wardrobe, it scared the hell out of me. I jump up into my brother’s bed and hid under the blankets and never peeped until daylight came upon us, that memory has stayed in the back of my mind for many a years.

To cut long story short the women in black that I saw when I was 7 she was my grandmother, other family members had seen her including a sister-law; interesting thing about the sister-inlaw it was at our new place. My parents sold the old one, so our grandmother has been following us around.

The conclusion that we came to, Is that we believed it had something to do with our father because he was a faith healer, he never made money from it and only closes family members were healed by him, he once saved his great grandchild who was deeded terminally ill, and to think that the hospital gave up on the little fella. Now he’s 16yrs old and strong as and ox’s.

My father has been gone nearly 7 years now, and in my culture (Maori) this gift is handed down to the next generation interesting enough I was next. Sorry I didn’t get the healing so can’t help anyone there, but I did get the next best thing and that is the eye’s and ears to see those not of this world.

There are others just like me but have nowhere to turn! We do have boundaries and it seems there are a few who have crossed that line! Very sad out come for them, if you’d like to know more watch the program ghost wisper 80% of that is actually true, I just have to say a cple of things, spirits will never hurt children and they prefer day light, so I’ll leave you with the rest to figure out? It is entirely up to you to believe if my story is fact or fiction hope you enjoyed it…

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Re: Spirit Visitor

Postby fay » Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:15 am

Can anyone tell me if astral-shells (discarded spirit bodies by evolving souls to higher plains) can really deceive mediums into thinking that they are true spirit returns.
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