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Spirit Realms

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:03 am

Posted by LillyA:

I am curious about the spirit realms. Specifically, the so called lower realms, which I assume correspond to our ideas of hell. Do souls incarnate out of a realm like that onto the earth plane? Or do they need to free themselves from that place before they can move on? It may sound silly, but how awful, or misguided or unloving does someone need to be to end up in a place like that? And, do most souls end up there at one time or another?
Changing the subject a bit, I think it's a pity this board and this site are not more widely used, for it has a lot to offer. Thanks for any enlightenment you can give me.

Posted by Paul:

Hi Lilly,
Yes, from what Hai and the other spirits have told us there are many "lower realms", which, as you say, correspond to the traditional ideas of purgatory and hell.
I'm not sure if souls can incarnate out from these to earth. We'll have to ask. The general impression we've been given so far is that they would have to evolve to other spirit planes first. There seems to be considerable variation in conditions in these lower realms depending upon the state of the spirit's "heart". We were contacted by one spirit who seemed to be in some kind of "fog" (that's the best way I can describe it) and feeling very distraught and isolated, yet was aware of "good ones" trying to reach him. What was interesting was that, although he was aware of their love, it seemed to be painful to him because of the contrast with his own state of heart and a feeling of being unworthy of their love.
It would seem that spirits gravitate to such realms in accordance with the state of their own "heart". There is no "judgement" as such. Hai and the others are always assuring us that guides and others are tireless in their efforts to reach out to these people in love and to help them move on. (Some find this unconditional love difficult to come to terms with when they realise that it means loving everyone eg: murderers). However these spirits must decide to make the change in themselves before much can be accomplished.
I'm not sure if most spirits end up spending some time in these realms at some time or other. It seems entirely possible given that, according to Hai, we are reborn on many occasions to earth.
We will try to include more of the communication that we have had on the "lower realms" on the relevant web page.
We are getting a lot more hits to the site these days, but it is a long term business of the site becoming more known and higher on the search engine listings (though this is getting better with some key words - If you have any ideas about important key words please let me know.) Use of the web board will hopefully also grow in time. Entries like this one of yours greatly help, so thanks for this.

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