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Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:13 am

Posted by Heavenlygirl:

I have a question about the whole cloning situation. Do clones have a soul? They are man made! This is a scary thought.

Posted by Paul:

Hi Kelly,
My understanding from the communications that we have received is that there is no problem over this because basically it is still human life and a spirit would see it as an opportunity for life on the earth plane. However, we have been advised that humans would be better not to get involved in cloning because it raises so many issues which we are ill equiped to deal with ie: there are so many ethical issues and there are likely to be serious difficulties over identity for the person who has a cloned body. The implication has been that it would be irresponsible to proceed with cloning humans.


Posted by Heavenlygirl:

I agree! I like the fact that they can clone human organs and such for those in need. I do not agree with cloning a whole human. Like you said, there would be a major identity crisis going on. Not to mention that most people would treat the clones like machines instead of God's Lights. They should put their time, energy, and capital into something more positive.

Posted by lindann:

hi this is my first post, my experiences of astral travelling in sleepstate.. l believe that from what l got that cloning is no no, as the scientist are trying to push the limits...

IF this is so, then l have dreamt that cloning different animals with each other.. is happening now l do not know. But in each dna of the animal, has its own unique nature.. they would not gel if one natured animal, pleasent to another animal who has a survival nature etc... hope you can understand what l am trying to relay

I accpt this is a thought from spirit, only time this would be a known fact... l leave it in their and Gods hands god bless lindannxxx
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