Spirit Intervention

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Spirit Intervention

Postby Paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:10 am

Posted by Rayveron:

When a murder or other viscious crime has been commited why is'nt there more help from the spirit world to locate the offender.Mediums seem to be given limited help.

Posted by Heavenlygirl:

Hello! I am no expert, but I think that in certain situations karma has some to do with this. Also, sometimes mediums don't want to get involved in fear of being accused of the crime because of extensive knowledge of what happened.

Like I said, I am certainly no expert...just my opinion.

Posted by Paul:

I think your question triggers a related one Ray, of why do spirits not intervene to prevent serious crimes such as murder? Hai and other spirits have said similar things to heavenlygirl's response. Essentially they tend to say that human self-determination is sacrosanct to them. so they generally would not intervene. This means that they respect our free will to make our own decisions and act accordingly. Unfortunately we do not act out of love all the time and sometimes some of us act purely from the viewpoint of our own egos with a total disregard for the well being of others. However, the spirits tell us that we have to work through the resulting karma and eventually learn and develop spritually. Ultimately, while there can be many positive influences upon us, the spiritual revolution has to come from within each of us.

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