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Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit - Public Demonstration of Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at Salmon Arm Spiritualist Church, British Columbia, Canada. November 2007.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Medium

In November 2007 we made another trip to British Columbia, Canada. Prior to the trip we had arranged to give three demonstrations of spiritual trance mediumship / channeling at Duncan on Vancouver Island, at Penticton and at Salmon Arm Spiritualist Church in British Columbia.

After landing at Vancouver we boarded BC Ferries for the trip across to Vancouver Island and we had a very pleasant stay at the home of some friends in Duncan. While there we did a demonstration of trance mediumship / channeling for a small group.

From Vancouver Island we took BC Ferries back to the BC mainland and drove through Vancouver, Chilliwack, Hope, Hedley, Princeton, Keremeos, and Penticton to our base in the Okanagan Valley at Okanagan Falls where we rented a condo.

View from Condo Okanagan Falls

View from Condo in Okanagan Falls

Early on during the trip we took the opportunity to travel up to Vernon to meet Dr. John Bright and other local members of the Canadian Metaphysical Ministry and to attend a meeting of the The Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth, a Metaphysical Group which meets in Downtown Vernon.

The following week we gave a trance mediumship/channeling demonstration at the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society in Penticton which at the time was holding its meetings at the Music Club, 441 Main St, Penticton.

Salmon Arm Spiritualist Church at Seniors Drop In Centre

On 20th November we made the trip north to Salmon Arm where we had arranged with Rev Norm Russell to give a trance mediumship/channeling demonstration for members of the Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm which meets at the Seniors Drop In Center, #31 Hudson Avenue, Salmon Arm

We always use a mini disc recorder to record the trance sessions. On this trip we had a different recorder with us and unfortunately we had not realised until we arrived in Canada that the charger for this recorder was not universal so we wouldn't be able to use it to recharge the recorder's battery. So we knew we would probably only be able to record one demonstration. As it was our first time in Salmon Arm we decided to record this one.

Content of Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at Salmon Arm Spiritualist Church

Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Trance Mediumship Demonstration

The demonstration was well attended with over 70 people present. After an introduction by Rev. Norm Russell, Paul's main Spirit Guide, Hai, came through first to answer questions and join in discussion with members of the audience. After a short break for refreshments an mystery spirit came through to speak about wisdom followed by a spirit called Jeremiah who spoke about his life as a beggar. Davia, the Spirit Group's Gatekeeper then came through with his usual fun and humour to first answer questions and then to bring the spirit communications to a close.

We have transcribed below much of the content of the spirit communication from Hai and Davia.

An audio recording of Hai's communication as well as the full communications of the mystery spirit, Jeremiah and Davia are also available free of charge as MP3 files. They are accessible from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Salmon Arm Spiritualist Church, British Columbia, Canada. November 2007

We encourage you to listen to the recordings in order to get the full benefit from the demonstration and to also experience the humour.

Q: Does spirit need a source of energy to function? Do they need energy replenishment on a regular basis?

Hai: No my friend except in so far as you yourselves need energy. We are all part of the One Mind, the One Consciousness, the One Eternal Energy. You also in your physical form draw upon this Eternal One Energy, this Suchness within the physical world and within the spiritual world. You draw upon This. But for you you draw upon it by ways which you call by different names. Each day when you get up all of you beautiful people you eat your porridge yes? (Laughter) You eat your breakfast. You do not have much porridge I do not think in this country, in this time, but some of you perhaps. But you eat your breafast and so you gain energy for the day; that you may be replenished; that you may have a fruitful day. And so it is you make use of the Divine Energy. Therefore you should not look upon the physical food that you eat as separate from the Divine Energy, the Divine Oneness, the Suchness of Being.

But when you migrate to spirit you draw upon the Eternal Energy still and indeed you are part of that Energy. But you will no longer need your chewing gum (Laughter) or other such things. You do not need physical sustenance, but you still draw upon the One Eternal Energy my friend. But in the lands of spirit you do not need to sleep, though some sleep in a sense because of a wish to do so. But it is more that you recharge yourself. The Energy is freely available to all. You are surrounded by It; immersed in It; connected to It. And therefore you draw upon this Energy to replenish your own. For indeed you are not apart from It. Neither are you apart from It here nor in the spirit land. For we are all one my friend. We are all one in brotherhood, in sisterhood within the Divine Ocean of Being.

Q: Do we have one or more guides? And if we have more than guide one why?

Hai: You have many helpers my friend. You often have one main guide, one main helper. Some of you may call this a "guardian angel" but it is not always literally a "guardian angel". It is a benevolent soul, a spirit of benevolence, a compassionate being who wishes to be of assistance to you; though you must still take responsibility for your life. But they wish to guide, to help, to lend a helping hand as best they may. For they are a little further up the mountain path perhaps and so they wish to lend a helping hand. But you do not have one guide my friend. You have many. Many who come and go sometimes to assist you with certain phases of your life as needs must. But you have one guide who will remain with you throughout all your days my friend; one main guide who will remain with you throughout all your days. But this is not the case with every single person. Sometimes a guide may change, because of your need not because of theirs. Because of a guide who may need to come to assist you because they are better fitted for that time of your life, that phase in your life, to help you to grow, to develop, to walk further up the mountain path. Therefore the need is for you not for us. But I tell you most solemny my friends you do us service; you make us grateful for the opportunity to serve you. For by serving we also grow. Can you understand that my friends? By serving you we also grow. Therefore this is a divine opportunity for us also, a blessed thing for us also. Therefore the benefit my friends is mutual. As we are all brothers and sisters so also through this process of acting as a guide we enhance that brotherhood and sisterhood. Have I answered your question my friend?

Q: Yes you have. Could I just ask it a little bit further? Do plants have souls?

Hai: Plants they have consciousness but it is not sentient consciousness; it is not directive consciousness. For I tell to you my friend everywhere, wherever you look, wherever you look, there is only Consciousness. Can you accept this?

Q: Thank you very much. I do accept that.

Q: Can you answer when and where our spirits begin?

Hai: (Silence). You have received my answer. (Laughter). There is a Timelessness my friend, a Timelessness. We have all from beginingless time been, and to the end of endless time we are. It is like my friend, you do not have blacksmiths these days many times; they are not common person. But if you think of blacksmith working on his forge he strikes the hot metal and do not sparks fly from that metal, that heat? And so as he strikes the sparks seemingly are created. But are not the sparks already in existece within the heat of that metal; else how would the sparks fly? Therefore my friend in one sense we have all been in existence from Beginingless Time. We manifest, we express the Oneness of the One Mind. We express the Divine; we give manifestation to the Divine. But we are also the Divine. We are also the Divine. Therefore do not look beyond your own selves for your Godhead. Do not look beyond, outwards to the Essence; for the Essence is within. You are all deeply connected in the closest possible way you can imagine; for you are the Essence; you are the Divine Being, you are the Oneness within all.

This my friends I have often explained to others who have asked. To give you a parralel if it helps, another parallel. You have all looked upon the mighty sea, the mighty ocean, yes? You can see some days when the ocean is so still and so quiet like a mill pond. Oftentimes though the waves roll and you can see thousands of waves as you look across the breadth of the ocean. My friends, when the ocean is like the mill pond that I would give to you to signify the One Mind; the One Mind behind all things, the Essence within. And when the sea manifeats its waves I would say to you that the crest of each of those waves is like each and every one of you; individual souls, spirits. The problem arises when an individual wave would think it is sufficient to itself; for then we have the growth of evil; then we have the growth of attachment; then we have the growth of separateness, though the separateness is an illusion, for that one wave is still part of the ocean, is it not? But sometimes people find it helpful to think of it this way: that we are all the crests of those waves; all intimately, intricately, inseparably linked to our brothers and sisters. You can see this my friends?

Q: I have been inundated with a lot of orbs and they are around me all the time. I would like to know if there's a reason why? And when they come or after they are gone, there's a colour change in the room.

Hai: They are spirits wishing to connect with you my friend. Do not fear them. You do not fear them, yes? Am I right in this, you do not fear them.

Q: I don't fear them.

Hai: They are spirits wishing to connect with you my friend. We can oftentimes manifest in diferent ways and sometimes you will see us in this form; this form of orbs. For we have to manifest in your world as best we might; the fact we manifest as orbs does not indicate that that is our real appearance, but we manifest in that way to connect with you, to reassure you sometimes. The light afterwards is an after energy. You may connect with these spirits my friend if you focus on these orbs and you reach out to them in loving kindness. You may determine, become more aware of their identity as you reach out to them.

My friends there are so many thousands of souls gathered here this night. For whenever there is connection between our two worlds there are those who wish to come, to witness, to share; for it brings us great comfort and great happiness to share in communication with you.

Q: When will my father be finished cleansing souls?

Hai: Your father, he is this side of life?

Q: No.

Hai: Beyond?

Q: Beyond. He has taken it upon himself in September of this year; it's part of his next job to cleanse souls and we talk about it. And I know that he is working very hard and feeling very very blessed that he has this opportunity. But I have a concern for him that he is working very hard and I'd like to know how much longer?

Hai: You should not be concerned my friend; you should have no concern. Whatever tasks spirits take upon themselves they have guidance with, they have help and counselling with. Therefore he is not alone in this task.

Q: There are six of them working together.

Hai: He is not alone in this task; but I do not speak of his friends whom he works with. I speak of other souls also; wise souls who work to support, to counsel. You should not have concern. There is Natural Law which will safeguard this enterprise. When the time has come to relinquish this; to take time away from this, then so it shall be.

Q: I have one other question if I may? Who is Mr. McTaggart in my life? He's on the other side.

Hai: We cannot connect with this Mr. McTaggart my friend. We cannot always connect with spirits upon my side even, because there are so many; so many levels and realms of existence. You know that your world is big, yes, vast? But my friends you cannot conceive of the vastness of the spiritual universe; you cannot conceive.

Q: I would just like to ask if the veil between this physical world and the other side is thinning and in a few years we will be able to converse with the others on the other side?

Hai: It indeed grows thinner my friend, but it grows thinner because of people like yourself who seek; who seek to draw away the veil; who seek to draw away the barrier between the worlds. For the barrier is indeed an illusion though it may seem a concrete illusion at times; an insurmountable illusion. Yet it is an illusion my friend. Therefore as you seek, as you connect with us, we connect with you. For it is like two sides reaching through the veil. You reach from your side and we reach from ours and God willing we join in the middle. So it is not only by your endeavour that the veil is thinning, but by our endeavour also.

But there are many who would not seek for they doubt, they create scepticism, uncertainty, doubt. In this way they do a diservice to your enterprise for they would put off many souls who would otherwise seek, who would otherwise attempt to reach towards us. I do not say by saying this that you should supend your rationality, your reason. For you were given this; it is God given your reasoning mind, your logical mind; and you must hold onto this. But it is still possinble, is it not, to have Faith, to have Hope and to reach out and to trust to your own experience as you reach out; to trust to your experience, like the lady who spoke of her orbs. You know when you see your orbs my friend, you are knowing that you see something, yes, that you connect with something? This is so, yes? Therefore my friends when you know through your own experience, through your own awareness, that you are making a connection then please do what you can to trust in it and to follow it. For as you trust and follow it therefore you will find it will grow stronger, infinitely stronger. So there is a time of greater hope upon the earth plane. But this greater hope is not because of an external force. It is because souls like yourselves and spirits such as we are reaching out beyond the walls of the prison, reaching towards each other.

Q: Many people have searched for proof of God's or Spirit's existence and Spirit has used many means of making itself known to us but the Western mind set doesn't always give credence to the Eastern form of thought and perceptions regarding spirit. Are the recent quantum mechanics and quantum physics discoveries of scientists a new means by which Spirit is approaching the rational and scientific mind set of those in the Western, so called, part of the world?

Hai: This may indeed help my friend as you indicate because some of your physicists are what you would say "thinking outside the box", yes. Some of them are becoming more aware of the inner nature of reality. Thery are becoming aware that only energy is, only energy exists. Therefore as they determine this, as their understanding grows towards this, they therefore become more willing to view the world in what you have described as a more Eastern philosophy way. By which already I have spoken of the One Mind, the One Essence, behind, within and manifesting through all things. These researches that you speak of will point to this and will give some validity to it from the point of view of your scientific enquiries.

But my friend I say to you: If you were to go over to a light switch and someone told you that that light switch would switch on a light in the next room, but you cannot see into that next room for there are only walls and a door. But you go over and you switch that light switch. Then you look at the person who has told you to switch that light switch and your expression says "so what?". What I am getting at here is: It is one thing to approach Reality with the mind; it is another to approach it through experience. You follow my difference?

Q: Yes I do.

Hai: Therefore you can talk about your quantum physics and your scientists will talk about quantum physics and they will unearth factual evidence to point the way to the validity of your Eastern philosophies. But it is one thing to flick the light switch. It is another to enter the room and experience the light.

Q: In recent times and in times before there can be thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who arrive on the other side. Is there some assurance that can be given to the folks here that there is something in place to handle great amounts of people that through natural disaster, or war, or whatever, that those people are not left as wandering souls?

Hai: No one is left, no. No one is left to fend for themselves, to wander the streets you might say, no. There are ever so many souls, my friends, who are willing helpers, ready to guide, ready to comfort, ready to encourage and explain. No one is left. No.

There are some souls though who go over to the next life, to the Spirit Worlds, who have held fixed beliefs and attitudes. In the immediate time after death they may wonder where they are for they had no belief in the afterlife; they had a determined belief that the end of physical life was the end. They may find themselves disoriented for a time. But there are friends, helpers for them also, to support them, to guide them, to be patient with them.

There are those who have fixed religious beliefs who come over to the Spirit Lands. They also need help for they find themselves in company with those with whom they had not expected to be in company with.

Q: Hai, does your answer indicate that a rescue of a lost soul is not necessary, that when we do a rescue we are notů

Hai: No I do not say this my friend.

Q: I'm a little confusedů.

Hai: Yes, I understand what you say. I responded before when we spoke of many souls coming over. What I say is there is no shortage of helpers, to intervene, to help. But you speak of the condition to which I started to refer. There are indeed souls who need more help. There are souls who have committed dark deeds while on this earth plane. There are souls who have been disturbed while on this earth plane. I have spoken that there are many levels of the Spirit Lands, many dimensions within the spiritual world my friends and we are attracted to that portion or that dimension of the spiritual plane to which we are akin by the time of our departure from this earth plane.

For many this is a similar place. But for some they are distracted or disturbed, for their minds have entered a darker path perhaps while on the earth plane, a very selfish path. We do not speak of the ordinary person here. You have no reason to fear if you stole the pen from work; that will not entitle you to enter the grey regions. But there are those who indeed enter the grey regions. It is like when I spoke of the sea some minutes ago and I spoke of the crests of the waves; for we are all like the crests of those waves. Some of those crests may feel they are sufficient to themselves as I said. Some of them may feel they are so self-sufficient they have no need for their brothers and sisters; and indeed they lord it over their briotheers and sisters. These souls may find themselves in other regions. Yet in a sense my friend where they end up is like home to them if you can accept that; for it is what they are comfortable with, at that time. It is not a comfortable place but for them it is, expected, comfortable in that sense; what in a sense they are used to, but it is no place you would like to be.

Therefore to answer your question about the need for spirit help, "rescue", as you put it there is a need for such things. So you reach out my friend in benevolent love and compassion to these souls. Some souls may find themselves still attached to the earthly plane. These are not souls we would term as being in the grey regions as we have indicated of others, but they also need help because they will not, for whatever reason, relinquish the attachment to the earth plane sufficiently to move on to the planes of light. These souls you may also reach out to. And as you reach out to them from your earthly plane; by which you may better reach them sometimes for they are attached to the earthly vibration. But as you reach out to them my friend you will enable us to reach towards them from our side of life; to reach out a helping hand which they may then recognise because of your intercession. You can understand this?

Q: Yes I can thank you.

Hai: But there are those who live in the grey planes, darker regions. We do not wish to worry you by referring to this for these are not ordinary souls but are souls who have chosen that path while on the earth plane. Therefore, they continue along that path. But be assured my friends we reach out never endingly to these souls. We reach out with love and compassion to these souls. We are forever reaching out. And though at times they will not see us, they will not reach out to us; through our perseverance and never ending persistence there comes the day when we reach these souls and they connect with us and hand in hand we walk towards the lighter regions.

After a short break for refreshments a mystery spirit came through to speak briefly to the group.

Mystery Spirit

The spirit spoke with humour about wisdom and the difficulties of living out wisdom as we meet those persons who test us on our path. He said that we should see these "troublesome ones" as a gift and try to give them a word of wisdom.

You can hear an audio recording of the spirit's communication by clicking here.


Jeremiah came through with much coughing, spluttering and humour. He talked about his life as a beggar standing out in the damp and rain. He explained how some people had looked down on him and others were kind; he felt their love and compassion. He said that he should have been more kindly back sometimes but he was focussed on gaining his penny.

He reflected that he met a lot of folks. Some were wealthy, but the compassion of the wealthy came too easy sometimes. They didn't miss what they gave. He understood later that it was the people who gave him their time , their love and compassion, who were giving him the real gift of gold.

He reflected that being poor didn't give him a true perspective of what was really important because he was always after his penny. On entering the Spirit World Guides asked him if he had found his time fruitful. He had to admit that it could have been more fruitful. But they did say he had fulfilled a role as he had given people an opprtunity to decide what to do about him and to show compassion to him and people like him.

You can hear an audio recording of Jeremiah's communication by clicking here.


Davia came through with his usual sense of fun joking about whether people wanted to buy a ticket for the Spirit Land? He could even offer a group discount rate. He could show people the ropes and give them a grand tour. He was even prepared to find good jobs. He explained that in a sense people in the Spirit Land were more emotional in that they connected with each other by thought and emotion. He talked about working with those in the darker regions. Davia answered a number of questions and we have transcribed his responses below.

Q: A number of years ago we had a grandchild touch this earth plane for a very brief time, just a couple of hours, and I have thought of that child all this time. I believe that when he went back he was received by his soul family and I was wondering if that is correct.

Davia: Yes he is in loving companionship my friend; do not fret. He is lovingly supported, embraced in great love; do not fret. No soul is left unaided. No soul is left isolated. No soul is left alone. He is comforted and embraced.

Q: Q: Is there a time when our souls have reincarnated enough that we don't return to the earth plane?

Davia: Yes.

Q: Is there a set number?

Davia: Davia: No. (Laughter). As long as it takes dear Lady; as long as it takes. And for some that's a long time. (Laughter). I don't think that's your case though. You're quite enlightened soul I think.

Q: Thank you.

Davia: But don't get too attached to that or you might find you have to come down again. (Laughter).

Q: How's the best way to connect to your life's purpose?

Davia: By living it.(Laughter).You know Old Hai gets asked this question lots of times. But I say to you my friend, if you live moment by moment you become aware of your life purpose. Just live moment by moment. Do not agonise over life purpose. Just live moment by moment; it become clear to you. You know through your intuition, my dear lady, what your life purpose is. But best life purpose is to meet each person with glowing eyes, warm smile. Do not be too glowing or they may get the wrong idea. (Laughter). You know what I mean; to meet them with loving compassion, moment by moment. It's ok if you want them to get the wrong idea like. Only you can decide that. (Laughter). But meet each person with loving compassion my friend, moment by moment.

You know as you walk down the street there are many souls who would be so heartened by a smile from your eyes. And your life purpose that day might be just to do that you know. But I know you speak of the bigger picture sort of thing. But you can become aware of that through your intuition. As you live moment by moment your intuition is growing. It grows wiser; it grows more able to tune in to the Divine flow, to your Divine purpose. But in truth the essence of all our lives is to live with loving compassion. It is so easy to say, but so difficult to do; so difficult to do.

One of my friends from my side came through to a group like you the other day in Penticton. He talked about his life. It had not been a bad life by any means, but when he passed to the Spirit Lands he entered into dialogue, conversation, with spirit guides and they spoke to him about compassion. And he said that he showed compassion in so many ways in his life. But they said then: "And what about the compassion of attentiveness?"

Then he fell silent for in truth he was compassionate in many ways, but when he found himself in a conversation with someone he didn't want to listen to his eyes glazed over, his hearing became deaf, and so on. You can understand this? What I say to you is that this simple word compassion, it has a million flavours, yes? And by refining our understanding of its million flavours and living it, so we grow spiritually as spiritual beings my friends.

You are all doing the hard work at the moment on this earth plane. I know earth plane hard work. So our hearts are with you my friends. And we reach out to you to do what we may do to lighten your load, to help you on your way. But we do it as loving brothers and sisters, for we are equal partners. We may have climbed the path to the next plateau to get the better view and we may shout down to you "don't tread there, there's a slippy rock", or "don't go there there's a slippy mud slide", but you have to climb your own path, you have to do the hard work of climbing the path, even though it be the same path we have trod. We each must make our own way forawrd in the world. So my friends we wish you well. We wish you well.

Q: There's many prophesies and talk of a dramatic change and entering into a new age in the next few years. Can you tell me about that at all?

Davia: You should have asked Old Hai that.

Q: Oh, ok.

Davia: But I can tell you what he'd say. (Laughter). He's been asked many times about 2012. You know what he said? Can you guess what he said? "When 2012 comes, he said, it will be 2012." (Laughter). By which he means it is more important to live each day as it comes. He say to the people who ask him this that it is important to live each day as it comes my friend , in each moment, moment by moment, like I say to you before, moment by moment. Because revolution, if any revolution come, it come through you, each and every one of you. The revolution must start within each soul, within each enlightened being, and as each soul becomes more enlightened so the whole planet, the whole world, the whole brotherhood become more enlightened. Can you see this?

Q: Yes.

Davia: So put no reliance in 2012. Put reliance in your own inner transformations and your own love for each other. I must go my friends. Your clock has ticked. (Laughter). It is of no consideration to us. We can keep talking to you till you all fall asleep. (Laughter). But we know it is of import to you. So we must go. My friends I wish you: May the golden sun light all your days and the silver moon light all your nights. Happy hearts, easy minds my beautiful friends, happy hearts, easy minds. Goodbye my beautiful friends.

An audio recording of Davia's communication as well as the full communications of the mystery spirit, Jeremiah and Hai are also available free of charge as MP3 files. They are accessible from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Salmon Arm Spiritualist Church, British Columbia, Canada. November 2007

We encourage you to listen to the recordings in order to get the full benefit from the demonstration and to also experience the humour.

Later in the trip we did another demonstration for the at the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society in Penticton. We also met members of another metaphysical group called the Westbank Centre for Spiritual Growth which holds its meetings in the Infinite Serenity Store, 2476 Main Street, Westbank, on Wednesday evenings. Following our visit to the group we were asked to do a trance mediumship / channeling demonstration at the store.

We would like to thank the members of all 5 groups that we gave demonstrations to for their positive reception and for making us feel so welcome.

Okanagan Falls in the Snow

A few days later it was time to leave the Okanagan and travel to Vancouver for our flight home. Thinking about our difficult juorney through the Rockies the previous year in fairly heavy snow we decided to leave a day earlier than planned to try to avoid problems. However, as you can see from the photo, we got up that morning to a white snow scene. Fortunately the passes through Manning Park towards Hope were not too bad. We broke the journey overnight near Chilliwack and the next morning completed the journey to Vancouver for the flight to England.

We will be visiting British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, at fairly frequent intervals for the foreseeable future, so we would be interested to hear from any groups who may be interested in hosting a demonstration of trance mediumship / channeling while we are travelling in Canada.

We are also seeking contact with individuals living in the Okanagan who are interested in our activities. Please click here for further details.

Please click here to send us a message using a Contact Form.